Friday, November 14, 2008

Fun In Doors and Out

So as the weeks go past in our life here in Gisborne, I've had to look for more ways to entertain the kids. Last week while Hubby and Pop were in the US on a week long tour, Grandma and I took the kids to Collingwood Children's Farm. I got the opportunity to drive somewhat into the city and the kids had alot of fun getting to know some farm animals.

They had chickens and peacocks roaming the farm freely. There were shelves of guinea pigs for the kids to choose from and pet. They had chickens nesting and signs requesting you to bring the eggs to reception if you find one.

Here's Boy Wonder getting cozy with a guinea pig. He sat there for awhile just petting it. It was good how the giant rat just sat there on his lap and let him pet it.

After we looked at all the animals, we sat down for a simple lunch. It was funny how the chickens and peacocks knew exactly when your food has arrived because they casually walk right up next to your table. We sat at a piece of log table, so it was quite close to the ground. I've had dogs and seagulls try to snatch the food out of my plate before, but to have a peacock snatch bits of Nachos' sausage roll was definitely a unique experience.

Here's the resident cow for everyone to have a hand at milking.

Here's Boy Wonder getting a very warm reception from the goats.

Here's Grandma trying to make Nachos understand you don't throw the food on the ground, that she had to cup it in her hand.

On the weekend I took the kids to a friend's place to stay overnight. We went to an indoor play gym called Kid's Space. It was great! The slides were so high even I was abit scared to go down it. But Boy Wonder and Nachos had no fear at all. What I would give to have such blissful ignorance again and really enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

Boy Wonder went down this slide countless times. Meels and I took turns taking Nachos down the slide. We left her to go down it by herself once and she ended up on her tummy and stopped midway. There were a few tube slides which were pretty steep! I had to use my feet as breaks to slow our decent. I even got elbow burns coming down a few of the slides. Its amazing how most kids have no fear at this age. I saw countless of them take a flying leap off the airbag type slides and also roll off them. I was actually scared to go back a few tube slides after I knew just how steep they were!

Too bad the food was really mediocre. We couldn't finish the mystery meat nuggets. But the free drinks for the adults were a good deal. You pay A$3 for one adult entrance but get a free drinks ticket with it. I got a hot chocolate which cost A$3.50 so I was happy about that. We stayed there for about 2 hours and thank goodness it was Nachos' nap time, so we had to leave. I don't think us adults would have lasted much longer in there.

Here's Nachos getting cozy with her Uncle Andrew... wanna smell my feet?

But one of the highlights of the week for me was catching up with my old highschool friends Lorj and Tanya. I met up with Tanya a few weeks ago. I had not seen her since we graduated from highschool, which was in 1990! Although we were never close back then, just seeing each other after all these years made us feel like long lost friends. Lorjie was in Melbourne for a vacation and stayed with Tanya. I had not seen Lorjie since my wedding in January 2003. It was great seeing both of them.


Pam said...

Boy Wonder has always been a daredevil I remember him fearlessly sliding down the huge slides at the Aberdeen Marina Club countless time. While my little girl did it just once and never again. I guess Nachos has followed big brother's footsteps. I wish there were gyms like that readily available here in HK.

Looks like the weather has warmed up quite a bit. And you are enjoying your time outdoors more.

mazuzu said...

dats awesome!