Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Fire, A Bike and A Key

I'm continuing to experience uniquely Australian practices. Last week we started a fire to burn up all the garden waste like dried up tree branches and leaves. We also took this opportunity to burn up all the wood that was used to box up our furniture which arrived from Thailand. Neither I or the kids have seen anyone use fire as a means to get rid of garden waste, so it was a fun experience as well.

Since summer has pretty much arrived, a fire ban started on Monday. Good thing Grandma noticed the reminder posted at the local supermarket, so last Sunday Pop and Hubby gathered up all the "burnable" stuff, lit the fire and we watched it burn baby burn.
Of course there are some basic "laws" you have to follow when you start a fire in your yard. I'm not sure what they are, but definitely there are set months of the year for it and it cannot exceed a certain size. The fire we had going was about 2 meters in diameter I think. And it sure was hot! I was visualizing one of those tv style rituals wherein people are dancing around the fire naked and chanting funny words. Too bad it was too cold to dance around naked and no one had enough alcohol in their systems to do something so crazy. At least I was able to take a few good shots of the fire though.
Nachos has also grown accustomed to the quad bike now. A few posts previously, you see her crying while riding with Pop on the bike. But this time she laughs with glee when Hubby takes her on it while going really fast. Images of Britney Spears holding her son on her lap while driving flashes through my head. How different is what Hubby is doing compared to what she did??? But Nachos hates it when she rides with me because I drive like a granny on it and its no fun.
So anyways, all this unlimited fun in Grandma and Pop's backyard are now numbered. We're scheduled to get the keys to our new house on Nov. 30! And if all goes well and as scheduled, we should be moving in on Dec. 10!


Pam said...

I can't imagine having a bonfire in the middle of my yard. Looks fun and scary at the same time. And the stuff you were burning... wow!

Your picture taking is really coming along. The picture of your father in law looked really nice!

I get scared everytime I see the kids on the quad bike and without helmets at that. The sensible side in me goes, ACK! Too dangerous. But they do seem to be having a lot of fun.

So exciting to be moving in to your new home soon. Can't wait to see the pictures. By the way, did you get the eve doll?

ragamuffin girl said...

yehey moving in time! cool, cool backyard.

christao17 said...

That is certainly one of those things that I'd never think about. Guess they do that in the rural US, too. Burn things to get rid of them? They do that here, but it is usually things that should not be burned like old refrigerators and mattresses.