Monday, October 06, 2008

In Limbo

We arrived in Melbourne Saturday evening. We left San Francisco on an early Friday, 1:20 am flight, arrived in HK around 6:40am HK time, then left again on a 9:20am flight, arriving at Melbourne around 6:30pm. We traveled for over 25 hours to get from San Francisco to Melbourne. We are NEVER going to travel that route again. After loosing over a full day traveling, we lost one more hour due to daylight savings time since it kicked-in that evening. I was thankful the kids slept through the night and woke up at 7am. As Hubby kept saying, it could have been worse.

It was strange on the way to my in-laws that evening. I knew I was tired, but knowing this time we were here to stay, that this trip was the destination and not a holiday was a bit surreal. I wasn't sad or anything, but I got teary eyed riding in the car. Maybe I was missing my parents already, or maybe I wished the kids could grow up closer to my parents or a whole bunch of things. I wasn't emotional when I left the US to go back to Manila, I wasn't emotional when I left Manila to move to HK. But this time, I was. Maybe its just the finality of it all. Or at least for a long time to come. This is where our kids are going to grow up. This is where our family will call home. Its just so many definitive moments bundled into one day. Or maybe I was just really tired and time zone confused.

I definitely want to blog about everything we'll be going through as we settle into life in Melbourne. I need to change the name of my blog for one thing. Still have no idea what to change it into. And this time, I want to blog so that all my relatives in the States can really keep track of what we're up to.

It seems like each time I visit the States and spend time with my family, I realize how much I miss spending time with my parents, brothers, sister in law, cousins, uncles and aunts. Maybe its because we've "only" lost one close relative, my grandmother and we're so not used to it, that this loss has traumatized us enough to want to cling on to one another. Because before my grandmother passed away in early 2001, we were definitely all living our separate lives with not much interest in one another. We definitely value all the time we get to spend with each other now and I definitely feel that everytime I visit the US.

So anyways, I digress. I'll blog about our US trip and then start blogging about the start of life here in Melbourne soon. I need to download a million pictures first and get more organized. More to come!


Maria said...

Hi! I just stumbled on your blog tonight as I was googling "Filipinos in Australia". I've lived in Sydney for 4 years. My husband came as a migrant doctor.
Coincidentally, I grew up on Jupiter St. too. Our house number was 116 and was turned into Whistle Stop when we moved to Alabang in the mid 80's.
My dad migrated to SF when I was 10and I was lucky enough to spend most of my summers there. I miss it as much as you do I imagine.
I'm envious that you have moved back to Asia. I love Sydney, but I really miss the things that make Asia unique. Cheers from down under.

Bandit said...

Hi Maria!

Wow, no way, we probably used to see each other on Jupiter street. That is an amazing coincidence. I have not met ANYONE who used to live there too. Glad you enjoyed reading my blog. We seem to have a lot in common in terms of our background. Thank you for reading my blog!