Friday, October 17, 2008

A Day In The Life...

Its been 2 weeks since we arrived and we've settled into sort of a routine. Here's a glimpse into what our days are like...

We usually get up between 730-8am. It all depends on our 2 alarm clocks, mainly Boy Wonder and Nachos. On some weeks, like this one, cousin Jacob stays with us. Today was Pirate Day at school for Jacob and Grandma dressed up with him and went along. Grandma made most of their costume.

While Grandma brings Jacob to school, Boy Wonder and Nachos have their breakfast. Emma used to feed Nachos her breakfast or even chase her around before she would finish her food. But now that we're without her, Nachos has naturally realized she had to feed herself and go hungry until lunch if she didn't finish her food. Its another story with Boy Wonder. Its amazing how much day dreaming a kid can do with a plate of breakfast in front of him. If no one keeps reminding him to take a bite, he can sit there until lunch time and maybe have to eat 2 meals together!

After we've all had our breakfast, Hubby either works from home or would have hitche a ride with Grandma and get dropped off at the train station.

We used to lounge around in our pj's all morning in HK until we had to go out. But now that we're at Grandma and Pop's, we've had to get our lazy bums in shape and actually change out of our sleeping clothes into daytime clothes. Boy Wonder is still learning to change his own clothes, though I suspect he's just too lazy to do it. After he's forced to get out of his pj's, he stuffs them under his pillow and starts the day.

We usually watch some tv or go out into the vast backyard to play. Nachos is so used to doing this now that we can leave her outside on her own while she roams the land with the dog. We keep an eye for her of course through the window.

Both kids have also bonded well with the house dog Molly.

By around noon time, both kids are hungry enough to ask whether its lunch time. While I'm preparing the food, Nachos is already begging to be put up in her highchair and have her bib on. We rarely have left-overs from dinner the night before, so lunch is usually a sandwich, meat pie or pasta. After lunch, its nap time for Nachos while Boy Wonder gets quiet time to play on his own, watch YouTube or do some drawing.

In the afternoon, I either do some grocery shopping if its my turn to cook dinner or just hang out with the kids. By late afternoon, Hubby and Pop comes back from work, grandma has picked Jacob up from school and someone is prepping for dinner, or tea as we call it here.

Before and after dinner is just full of playtime for the kids. Grandma and Pop have set up their backyard as a huge playground. There are swing sets, a trampoline...

a huge club house, swings hanging from the tree...

chickens in the back backyard...

2 dogs (uncle Andrew's dog Bosley is here while their house is getting done), a sand pit, a mini pool to fill when its hot enough, a quad bike...

and 2 acres of front and backyard to roam. There's even some wild life to look at when we're lucky. Just yesterday morning we saw a cockatoo digging for worms in the front yard. And in the afternoon we saw this blue-tongued lizard in the backayard. The kids had fun trying to catch it. Good thing the dogs didn't!

After tea at around 630pm, the dishes are done while the kids go out to do more playing before the sun begins to set. Here's a picture of Hubby doing the dishes with a good view of the kids playing in the clubhouse outside.

Even Bosley has fun sliding down with the kids.

When it starts to get dark, the kids get some dessert and then its time to get ready for bed. Thank goodness all the kids are in bed by 815pm. We then watch our tv shows and so much unlike HK, everyone is in bed by 1030 or 11pm the latest.

Life sure is different here and we're all getting used to it. We'll have to figure out for ourselves what our daily routine will be like after we've moved into our own house. Too bad our backyard won't be as fun as Grandma and Pop's, but hopefully it'll be fun enough for the kids to stay entertained... before school starts!

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