Friday, September 12, 2008

We'll See Each Other Again

To the Thursday group, words are not enough to express how I feel. I hope these pictures and song will.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Going Away Present

One more thing that has recently brought home the fact that we're leaving is that the Thursday Group plus a few other friends gave me a collage of letters, pictures and more pictures in CD's as a going away present. Its one of the best presents I have ever received. I cried when I looked through it the first time.

Ragamuffin Girl took the lead and spent god knows how many hours cutting up magazines and newspapers to fill up all the pages. She also gathered pictures and letters from everyone and lovingly placed them all in the book. I feel so loved by the effort used in compiling such a touching book of Memories.

Thank you Thursday Group for a magnificent 6 years. I started life in HK wishing I was back in Manila, where my friends were. But it turns out this is really where my true friends are. The bond we have made in such a short time is amazing. I don't think I'll ever be this lucky again to meet such a fine group of ladies like all of you.

To Margette, Jemen, Celina & Carlo, Carla and Acky, I only wish I had known you guys sooner. The last year hanging out with you have been a blast. I hope I'll still get the chance to know you guys more and hopefully hang out again in the future.

Sniff... I'm gonna miss Hong Kong.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Bangkok Drama

We decided to go to Bangkok on August 23 with the kids as a last family trip before leaving HK. A typhoon had just passed the day before, so we felt our flight should be fine by the time we traveled. We got to the airport that evening a full 2 hours before our flight. When we received our boarding passes, there was no gate mentioned. We asked if that meant our flight will be delayed, but the lady said the flight should be on time and not to worry. Against our better judgment we did and lived to regret it that night.

Our flight was scheduled to take off at 10pm. But by 930pm, there was still no gate announcement. We knew our flight would be delayed. Good thing we were at the lounge, so the kids were pretty confined to a definite area. We had our dinner and let the kids play off some energy. After asking about our flight, we were told everything is fine and that it will be ready soon. Right.

After a few more hours of waiting with no word, we finally got a gate number and immediately proceeded to it. It turns out we were asked to go there simply to make sure we were all there and tell us our gate will be somewhere else "nearby". That was the most retarded reason we have ever come across. After a few useless minutes of arguing with the Cathay people, we gave up and went to the lounge again. By then it was around 1am.

Amazing enough Boy Wonder and Nachos were still full of energy. I tried making them go to sleep, but I guess the excitement of the whole evening was fueling their energy. But as it got later into the evening, or should I say earlier into the morning, the kids started going nutty. By then Hubby and I were too tired to care, so we let the 2 kids run off without their shoes into the lounge running and screaming with delight. If we were having a horrible evening, let the whole lounge join in! Well, all 2 of them at least. It was 1am, it would be weird if there were more than that many people in the lounge at that time.

Finally around 2am, our flight and gate number magically appeared on the screen, so we proceeded to it. By then Nachos had completely flaked out and I was thankful it would be a quiet flight. Boy Wonder passed out on the plane not long after we got on and so did Hubby and I. We reached Bangkok at around 430am and was indeed grateful and relieved Chris Schultz and Tawn insisted they pick us up at the airport. Chris really knew what he was talking about when he said since our flight is arriving at such an ungodly hour the more it would be better for them to pick us up at the airport. They were our only heros that day.

By the time we reached our hotel and settled down to sleep, it was close to 6am. We didn't get up till 11am. It wasn't much sleep and although we were really tired, we didn't want to waste anymore time. We dragged ourselves out of bed, met up with Chris and went to do some touristy things.

Our first stop was at the former palace of the king. We took a boat which I thought was a great way of getting around. I think Manila should do the same with the Pasig river. So anyways, we got there and Hubby and I had to borrow additional clothing to cover up because shorts weren't allowed and anything that bared your shoulders. As you can see from the pictures, I looked like someone who just got off work from an assembly line and Hubby actually looked like he belongs with the temple crowd with his funky pajama pants. After the scorching heat of the temple and palace, we surrendered and went back to the hotel. Chris rented a high speed boat of some kind to take us back. It was fun and scary at the same time. Chris took a video of it which shows just how fast it was going. Hubby said that was the highlight of the trip for him.

The next day I got to see an old friend of mine who used to live at South Horizons. It was good to see Melissa after almost 2 years! The last time I saw her was at the hospital when I had Nachos. Gosh, how time flies!

That day Boy Wonder also got hurt after he tripped over a bench at the mall while running. He was in horrible pain, so Hubby had to take him back to the hotel while I took Nachos to check out Chris' apartment. Holy cow, let me tell ya, it was one great looking apartment! My second thought was to make sure Nachos doesn't break anything!

We got to do some shopping at the mall and night market for home decors, but the most damage we did was the morning before we left. Hubby was a set of rattan furniture he really liked, while I saw a some bar stools that I liked. In one breath we decided to take them all and have them shipped. There definitely couldn't be any more shopping after that shocker of a credit card swipe!

All in all it was an extremely tiring trip. Hubby has composed the mother of all pissed off letters to Cathay which I hope he was mailed out already. Boy Wonder came home with a cracked collar bone which the doctor says is not serious and will heal itself. It took me a few days to get back all the sleep I had lost. It also took a few days for Nachos to start eating normal again.

But although there were the bad, I was really really glad I got to see Chris and Tawn and Melissa. It was great seeing Chris in his natural habitat and see the great work he and Tawn had put into their apartment. Afteral it always the reconnections we make with old friends that make a trip worthwhile. I've told Hubby we definitely have to go back to Bangkok in the future and this time we'll leave the kids home.