Monday, August 04, 2008

Will You Be My Friend?

So Facebook is all the rage nowadays. And nothing more can prove that point than the fact that even Hubby has an account. Sometimes I think he's more into it than me. I like it more than Friendster now because sadly Friendster has turned into a flashing ad board the few times I've logged on this year. But although Facebook is reuniting me with lot's of old friends, I've realized its also a gauge as to just how much of a friend someone considers me and vice versa.

When I first signed up on Facebook, I was eagerly looking up names of friends I've lost touch with for years. There was one particular person I was so happy to find. I had looked her up on pretty much every other people search engine and turned up nothing. So when I saw her name AND picture on the results page, I was elated. I quickly sent her a message and added her to my friends list. She added me a few days later and said hi and the usual questions and stuff. I wrote her back quickly and asked her how she had been the last few years, what she had been up to, etc. and told her what I had been up to. I was totally expecting a reply with updates on her life and have a sense that she was happy to be back in touch with me as well. But nothing. I got nothing back. I wasn't really heartbroken, but just disappointed. I had considered her a good friend and she clearly didn't consider me at the same level.

Since then I've found other long lost friends as well and added them to my friends list. I tried a few times to get back in touch with them and see if any reconnection could be made, but all unsuccessful. But being the usual sucker that I am, I'll keep trying as new "friends" come out of the woodwork. At least I can say I made the effort because although we had lost touch, I often thought about how they were doing.

I can't help it. So many things I encounter, or things that I see on tv or a song I hear somewhere, I'm reminded of random people whom I've met through the years. I don't expect these people to be my best friends once they've been located, but it would be nice to be acknowledged more than getting no replies to my email.

So what have I learned? First of all that I'm still a sucker for friendship, that Facebook can be a great thing, a frustrating thing, a reality facing thing and thankfully stalkers can be deleted easily thing. Just hope some of these people don't think I'm a stalker! haha! I haven't been deleted... so far.

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ragamuffin girl said...

You'll soon have to change your blog title to From Manila to HK to Melbourne". Keep on blogging ha even after you move.