Saturday, August 16, 2008

In My Element

Another thing that adds to the fact that we are leaving Hong Kong, is that yesterday was my last day teaching a jewellery making class. I can now pack away all my tools and beads like the numerous times I had done so in the past and wait for the day to take them all out again. This time I wonder how long its going to take before I get to use them all again.

I started teaching jewellery making last year after a suggestion from Ragamuffin Girl. She teaches cooking at the YWCA and mentioned they're always looking for more teachers and classes to offer. I thought why not, met up with them and the next thing I knew, my name and course description was up on their site and people started signing up! Although I didn't teach a whole lot of classes, I felt great teaching it! I was totally in my element.

Above was a picture taken during my class at the Y. In addition to 2 classroom type classes, I also hosted a trip to Hung Hom to show students where you can buy beads in bulk. That was quite a popular class and was always full or close to it. It felt good being able to offer something people actually wanted.

I also taught 2 sessions at student's homes. Some wanted to learn more, so I was asked to come in and teach some more advanced skills. If only I thought about teaching jewellery making sooner! I could have been doing this long ago and making some money, then Hubby would have been happier.

So anyways, I'll have to pack up all my gear now. I'm sad its all over, but hopeful I can continue this after we get to Melbourne. Chris' mum has already told me there's a bead shop not far from our house. She said she'll check it out soon and ask if they offer classes that I might be able to teach. Sounds hopeful!

So in the meantime, I'll go hoard some more beads before we leave and hope this hobby will finally turn into a cash cow after we settle in Melbourne!

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christao17 said...

It would be great if you can find the opportunity to teach. It is very fulfilling as it helps others. Such a great feeling.