Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Another Milestone

My grandfather celebrated his 90th birthday over the weekend in the States. Most of our relatives made it except for 2 other cousins, their dad and me. It's events like these that make me sorely miss living in the same country as my family.

The last time my grandfather had a big celebration was when he turned 80. He and my grandmother had a double celebration and I made it that time. This year was much smaller but they somehow managed to book a dance hall all to themselves with a karaoke machine. Maybe it was good I didn't make it after all.

They had a big dinner...

Did a lot of singing...

Danced on the roof???

Had cake...

And sang till the wee hours of the night... well, I think that's what they did.

They also found time to pay respects to my grandmother before all the festivities began. It always gets emotional when the family gets together to do that. I'm glad they all seem to be in good spirits this time.

My cousin Mabel flew in from Chicago with her husband. Her brother Kemble whom alot of the relatives, including me have not seen in years also came from Los Angeles. He had a falling out with his dad, my uncle, my mom's brother. So although there are the usual family dramas still playing out within the family, it was great that most everyone was there this time.

I was almost crying and smiling at the same time looking at the hundreds of pictures my brother and cousin took over the weekend. I hope in a few years from now when all the cousins are done with school and I'm no longer in between countries that we can get together again and make it a true reunion.

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