Tuesday, July 08, 2008

George Who?

My cousins came to visit with their dad last week. One just graduated from high school and the other from college. I was really looking forward to their visit and had a great time hanging out with them. Although I knew they were much younger than me, I totally underestimated just how much so.

I was telling them how excited I was to attend the George Michael concert for my birthday, expecting shrieks of support. But instead I got 2 blank stares at me, asking: Who's George Michael?

The horror! My jaw dropped and I didn't know whether to be flabbergasted that they didn't know who George Michael was or to cry because they were too young to know. I started throwing out his songs, hoping one would ring a bell. When I said Careless Whisper, one of them finally knew the song, only because she had heard a remake of it.

Then it made realize just how young my cousins were. The last time George Michael had a concert in the US was 17 years ago. My younger cousin is 17 years old. Waaaaah!!!

We then started talking about things I did for fun or the last time I actually went out and did something. So not wanting to sound like the complete boring, older cousin, I said I went singing with some friends a few weeks ago and most of them got completely drunk. I suddenly remembered one song we sang which I felt would be a funny story. So I excitedly told them how I chose We Are The World and how we all got up, waved our hands (if only we had lighters), took turns singing and even shouted out who was singing which part. Again the horror of horrors! They asked me what is We Are The World. This time I was completely taken aback. I completely did not think they would have no idea what this song was and how much it meant to me and my generation growing up. At that point I wanted to give Pam and call and ask to borrow her Live Aid DVD and show them. So I gave them a quick summary of what it was and what it meant and cried silently inside at just how damn old I really am.

At least this made me realize just how important some songs and music in general really is to me. After sharing this story with my friends, they commented that maybe if I played my George Michael songs often enough, my kids will grow up to love his music. It'll just be like how we love the classics our parents listen to. I guess its just hard to think songs we listened to growing up will become classics when our children grow up. I'm still living in the era of classics are only those my parents listened to and not me!

Well, at least now I know what will be playing in the house after we move to Melbourne.


ragamuffin girl said...

Haha this is such a funny post! And when we sang that song... man that was awesome! Or maybe coz I was drunk? Did your cuz enjoy Mint? Advance happy b. text me the milk info and have a groovy time at the concert! Maybe you should run up the stage and give him a great big kiss and hug. He might not have anther concert...

Min said...


they are missing out on great music

don't worry they will appreciate it when they get older

i am listening to a lot of ABBA right now