Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The Best Birthday Gift EVER

I have been a fan of George Michael since as long as I can remember. An old classmate of mine introduced me to Wham! when I was in the 5th grade and I have been mesmerized ever since. I have memorized every Wham! song lyric from each individual oh and ah to most of George Michael's songs. I can't say I'm a fanatic since I don't know his birthday, what his favorite color or dish is. All I can say is that everytime I hear his voice, it sooths my soul. When George Michael performed in the finals of American Idol, I knew right away he must have a cold or something because his voice didn't sound right. And of course at the end of his number he apologized because he had a cold. I was almost in tears watching him sing that night. It has been AGES since I've seen any of his performances on TV. So when I realized he was starting a tour in the US, I forwarded the link to Hubby just to have a whine because I was here in HK and not there.

Hubby must have sensed the utter longing in my voice, because just the other night he presented me with tickets to Dallas to watch the George Michael concert for my birthday!!! Although I had an inkling what he was up to, seeing the actual tickets almost made me cry. Hubby is the most wonderful man on this planet. He said although he won't be able to go with me because someone had to stay to watch the kids, he thought a trip by myself would be a good break.

I CAN NOT believe it. After years and years of dreaming about someday watching George Michael perform live, I will actually get to do it!!!


Anonymous said...

I knew about this when I was in Hong Kong for Chris's birthday but just like you were keeping a secret from Chris so was he from you... so funny. Anyway enjoy your trip.

Mum in OZ

christao17 said...

Yeah, I think you knew more than you said in your blog. Chris sent me a message on facebook asking whether I thought he should come clean beforehand, since he realized you already knew. You have a pretty wonderful husband there.