Monday, March 10, 2008

Belated Honeymoon

Hubby and I had never been on an official honeymoon since we got married. That afternoon after we had our civil ceremony in HK Park and a fancy dinner with family and friends, Hubby went back to work straight away and I hardly saw him for months after that. Having a honeymoon just didn't fit Hubby's work schedule and mostly our budget.

Now that it's been almost 6 years since we got married, Hubby finally put his foot down and said we deserve that honeymoon! He planned almost everything, asked his parents to come over to HK to watch the kids and off we went on Feb. 20.

Everything almost came to a screeching halt at the airport. Well, it did for about 30 heart wrenching minutes. Stupid me, I totally forgot Hubby had changed our airline so I looked at our old itinerary when I booked our cab to the airport. By the time we got there, our flight which only flew once a day had already left! And because we missed the flight, there was no way we could catch the only flight leaving Singapore to Langkawi that day either. We told ourselves maybe we should just go home and take the flight tomorrow, but then we were told all flights were booked the next day and the next. With this news we quickly ran to Cathay which didn't have the flight we needed and finally we ended up at Malaysian airline who got us on a flight all the way to Langkawi. In the end we got there at the same time we would have gotten there originally. Hubby's travel agent then fixed all the remaining flights of our trip so the nightmare finally ended. Oh, but I started my period during this whole crisis, so there was no swimming for me at the resort.

The Four Seasons Langkawi was gorgeous! I actually cried when we got into our room. It was one of those rooms you see in travel magazines and never imagined you could afford to stay in. I felt like a princess.

The bathroom that made me cry

The beach was clean and very very quiet. The only complaint we have about it would be the factory on an island or something across the water. The sky wasn't crystal clear either, so at least that made the view of the factory really hazy.

After an extremely relaxing 5 days at Langkawi, we packed our bags and headed off to Zurich. Why there? Well, Hubby asked me to list 3 places I've always wanted to go and Switzerland has always been one of them. Other than the fact that they have lots of cheese and chocolates, I always thought it would be really picturesque.

Hubby chose to take us to Zurich because both of us have not been there before and its a 4 hour train ride away from Milan. We got to Zurich, checked in, walked around, enjoyed a cup of hot chocolate, the scenery and then the next day packed an overnight bag and off we went to Milan. For some shopping! And how did our shopping trip go?

I think this picture we took before we left Milan tells it all.

So back we went to Zurich and enjoyed the last few days of our honeymoon. We had fondue and raclette. And most of all, we slept alot which was great! I missed the kids immensely, but I was glad I survived not seeing them for 10 whole days, and most of all they survived without me. They didn't even ask for me! I'm glad we're back though. Although we're sleep deprived again, nothing beats seeing the beaming smiles of your kids when you walk in the door.

Oh, but I told Hubby we GOTTA do this once every year.

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ragamuffin girl said...

that bathroom made me cry too-- in envy hahahahah!!! so pretty, too pretty to mess up! :)