Monday, January 14, 2008

Fun In The Sun

We spent the holidays in Australia again from Dec. 12 - Jan. 7. It's always great having so much space, fresh air and free time while we're there. The kids freely roamed the huge backyard, splashed in the outdoor tub, played with the dog and rode on Pop's quad bike. There were a few dramas here and there, but what family gathering would be complete without a few of those.

We had Christmas dinner at Auntie Lynn's place and as usual there was way too much food. I contributed by making a mango cream cake that turned out great. I always enjoy the Christmas gatherings Mum and her sisters take turn hosting every year. Although there was way too much food, I really enjoyed the endless roast meats and desserts.

There was also a bit of sadness over the holidays. We had to say goodbye to Chillie. She was Andrew's dog. She was 15. Although she was deaf due to her old age, she was always a good dog. We'll all miss her.

We also rented a beach house at a town called Rye which is right next to the beach. As usual Boy Wonder loved the water. It was the first time for Nachos to go to the beach but after a few minutes she was in there splashing away and tasting lots of salty sea water.

Nachos also celebrated her 1st birthday. We had a small celebration at the beach on the day itself and then a formal one with family and friends back at Gisborne. She was really happy to have both her cakes and eat it too!

The kids also had a ton of fun riding on Pop's quad bike. Boy Wonder was a bit scared at first, but after watching his older cousin Jacob ride around, he finally agreed to get on with Pop. By the end of the trip he was screaming out faster faster! whenever he got on with Pop or Hubby. Nachos needed no persuading. The moment Grandma reached out her hands to pick Nachos up to the bike, Nachos shot her arms up eager to get on.

So as always, I feel bad coming back to HK and confining my kids in an apartment with no backyard. I used to wonder if I had sent Boy Wonder to school too soon, but heck, what is he going to do all day at home?? No wonder kids here are sent to school at such an early age!

We all had a great time in Australia. Looking forward to the next trip already.

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