Monday, November 19, 2007

Screeching Halt

So I was all pumped up about life while writing my last entry. But then reality set in again, coupled by a string of guests, preparing for class, going out with friends a fair bit and life. I tried shopping for a pair of goggles then asked myself just how serious am I about this whole swimming thing? And boy is it hard to force myself to do some yoga in the morning. My cop out is asking Boy Wonder if it was ok that we turned off his Disney channel for a bit so that Mama can do her exercise and hoping he would say no. He actually did, and does, so that just makes me plop back down on the sofa and snoozing abit more till my guilt sets in.

The only positive thing about this whole being physically lazy thing is the fact that I've actually lost weight since we got back from Australia. Maybe because I know I've stopped going to the gym, I over compensate by not eating much during meal times and not snacking as much as I usually do. Hubby was actually surprised the box of my favorite chocolates he got me from Macau was not empty when he recently got back from his US trip. I really don't know whats been going on with me in that department. Maybe I'm just getting bored with the food we have at home again.

Well, whatever it is, I'm hoping the looming holidays will shake me back into a hearty appetite mode. Maybe Hubby's company Christmas dinner, which will be held at Chesa at The Peninsula Hotel will reignite my passion for really good food. And heck, we'll be having FONDUE finally! I can't wait!

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