Thursday, November 01, 2007

No Stopping Now

Dinner at the Steak House was great as expected. I tried the French Onion soup then realized it was too filling but couldn't stop eating it. I did my best to eat most of my steak, but good thing Hubby was there, all too willing to help me out with it. After dinner, I seriously did not want to order dessert anymore, not even coffee which shocked Hubby. Not wanting to accept defeat, he persuaded me to share the apple pie with him which of course ended up big enough to feed 4 people! After this last meal at the Steak House we told ourselves it is time to try other restaurants. I look forward to the next big fancy meal somewhere. We just need to find an excuse to celebrate something first!

So after the whole excitement of doing so well at his last marathon, Hubby has now decided to do even better at the Gold Coast marathon which will be held mid-year next year. It was at this marathon that his colleague Antony did his best time ever. And knowing Hubby, I'm sure he has a hidden desire to beat Antony's time. The marathon is suppose to be on extremely flat terrain, so that would make it easier to set a better time. So after a few weeks of relaxed work-outs, Hubby will be stepping up his pace again, watching the weight (but after his week of mayhem with his brother) and cutting down on crud. Its good to know that Hubby probably has the best body amongst all my friends in HK now. Haha!

And as for me, I stopped going to the gym since our last trip to Australia. I realized just how boring it is getting nowhere on the treadmill. This all the more amazes me about Hubby because he can keep running on the damn thing like a hamster, get nowhere and stick with it for forever! I reach the edge of madness when I ran for 15 minutes. What the heck does Hubby think about while he's running? So anyways, I think I need a new workout regime. I want to start doing my yoga again, but I haven't forced my lazy ass enough to do it yet. I did go to the gum again last night while Hubby is there, but nah, its still not for me. Maybe I'll try swimming. I'll go get me a pair of goggles this week. Fitness, here I come again!

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christao17 said...

I'm with you on that treadmill thing. The gym is boring unless I'm in a class. Step aerobics? Lots of fun. Yoga? Can do. Standing on a machine or using weights? Boring.