Monday, November 26, 2007


My brother just celebrated his 31st birthday this week. He posted all the pictures they took that night for everyone to see. Everytime I see pictures of family events I've missed out on, it makes me wish I was there so bad. I can't say I feel homesick because the US was never really my home, so I figure I'm family-sick. I miss spending time with my parents and brothers. I wish I could be with them more often.

I always thought I'd be the one my parents would depend on as they grew older. But I never thought I'd move to Hong Kong and will live in Australia permanently in the future. I'm incredibly lucky I get along with my in-laws and Hubby's family just fine, but I often wish I could also live close to my side of the family. I also wish in addition to their paternal grandparents, Boy Wonder and Nachos will grow up to know their maternal grandparents just as much. Hubby mentioned in the past that his parents will get their fill of our kids as if they were on tap, but it would be nice if my parents do too. I wish someday my kids will get to realize why I love their grandparents so much.

I'm reminded everytime I look at these pictures that my parents aren't getting any younger. And knowing my grandmother is no longer with us just makes me realize not having my parents and brothers around is one less day spent with them.

But all is not lost. In order to alleviate this "situation" a bit, we have made sure there will be a comfortably sized guestroom in our house plans. Even when we were just going around looking at houses in Melbourne, Hubby and my in-laws were so cute pointing out all the guest rooms taking note how my parents would like it and if they would be comfortable living there on an extended basis.

I've also started giving them calls whenever I have the time. Its funny how I used to dread receiving their phonecalls when I was living alone and "young". Now I look forward to hearing from both sets of parents. I was never very interested with what was going on in their lives, but now every news, every tidbit into their daily routine is news for me. At least if I can't be there, I can imagine that I am.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Screeching Halt

So I was all pumped up about life while writing my last entry. But then reality set in again, coupled by a string of guests, preparing for class, going out with friends a fair bit and life. I tried shopping for a pair of goggles then asked myself just how serious am I about this whole swimming thing? And boy is it hard to force myself to do some yoga in the morning. My cop out is asking Boy Wonder if it was ok that we turned off his Disney channel for a bit so that Mama can do her exercise and hoping he would say no. He actually did, and does, so that just makes me plop back down on the sofa and snoozing abit more till my guilt sets in.

The only positive thing about this whole being physically lazy thing is the fact that I've actually lost weight since we got back from Australia. Maybe because I know I've stopped going to the gym, I over compensate by not eating much during meal times and not snacking as much as I usually do. Hubby was actually surprised the box of my favorite chocolates he got me from Macau was not empty when he recently got back from his US trip. I really don't know whats been going on with me in that department. Maybe I'm just getting bored with the food we have at home again.

Well, whatever it is, I'm hoping the looming holidays will shake me back into a hearty appetite mode. Maybe Hubby's company Christmas dinner, which will be held at Chesa at The Peninsula Hotel will reignite my passion for really good food. And heck, we'll be having FONDUE finally! I can't wait!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

No Stopping Now

Dinner at the Steak House was great as expected. I tried the French Onion soup then realized it was too filling but couldn't stop eating it. I did my best to eat most of my steak, but good thing Hubby was there, all too willing to help me out with it. After dinner, I seriously did not want to order dessert anymore, not even coffee which shocked Hubby. Not wanting to accept defeat, he persuaded me to share the apple pie with him which of course ended up big enough to feed 4 people! After this last meal at the Steak House we told ourselves it is time to try other restaurants. I look forward to the next big fancy meal somewhere. We just need to find an excuse to celebrate something first!

So after the whole excitement of doing so well at his last marathon, Hubby has now decided to do even better at the Gold Coast marathon which will be held mid-year next year. It was at this marathon that his colleague Antony did his best time ever. And knowing Hubby, I'm sure he has a hidden desire to beat Antony's time. The marathon is suppose to be on extremely flat terrain, so that would make it easier to set a better time. So after a few weeks of relaxed work-outs, Hubby will be stepping up his pace again, watching the weight (but after his week of mayhem with his brother) and cutting down on crud. Its good to know that Hubby probably has the best body amongst all my friends in HK now. Haha!

And as for me, I stopped going to the gym since our last trip to Australia. I realized just how boring it is getting nowhere on the treadmill. This all the more amazes me about Hubby because he can keep running on the damn thing like a hamster, get nowhere and stick with it for forever! I reach the edge of madness when I ran for 15 minutes. What the heck does Hubby think about while he's running? So anyways, I think I need a new workout regime. I want to start doing my yoga again, but I haven't forced my lazy ass enough to do it yet. I did go to the gum again last night while Hubby is there, but nah, its still not for me. Maybe I'll try swimming. I'll go get me a pair of goggles this week. Fitness, here I come again!