Saturday, August 18, 2007

Guilty Pleasures

Hubby claims he used to go out with Natalie Portman, Scarlet Johanson and Jessica Alba. But he dumped them because they became too clingy. He's such a funny man. Well now I'll just tell him I used to go out with Johnny. But it didn't work out either because the Sprites were always in the way. I know, it sounds pathetic, but my guilty pleasure at the moment is watching Johnny and the Sprites on Disney Channel. Now whenever the show is on on weekends at 1130am, I don't know if Boy Wonder is excited because he likes watching Johnny and the Sprites or because he sees Mama is so happy when it is on.

I used to find it annoying due to the realization that I had pretty much memorized all the cartoon theme songs on the Disney Channel. I used to find Barney annoying and on the border of scary. Hubby thinks Tony and Vivian of Out Of The Box are child molesters. I think the characters of Higglytown Heroes are just plain bizarre. Why create characters with no feet? If everyone could be heroes in their parallel universe, then what are they trying to tell our kids about podiatrists, cobblers and shoe sales people? And do I really want my kids to feel that they don't have to worry about being a garbage collector someday because they are heroes too? But anyways, I digress.

So one day when Johnny and the Sprites was introduced, I actually felt their songs were great. The lyrics weren't pathetic and the songs were almost Broadway-like. And of course Johnny ain't that bad either. He sure didn't look like a child molester to me. And there weren't any annoying, trying to be cute kids in it anyways! So I went online and did a search on my man Johnny. Turned out he was from Avenue-Q and that he created the show. No wonder the songs were such a step up from the other kids shows. Unlike the theme song to Higglytown and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse which were written by They Might Be Giants and Handy Manny by Los Lobos, the songs in Johnny and the Sprites are written by noted Broadway composers.

So this made me think, if the cartoon industry is trying to introduce our kids into the arts with shows like Little Einstein which features classical music and renowned artworks, then Johnny and the Sprites is a move toward the right direction as well. Why clutter our kids brains with crap and cheesy songs that were probably pumped out by some computer program when you can have actual good music written by real composers? My kids have watched enough Baby Einstein to be able to hum to classical music now, so I would hope they'll also grow up to enjoy Broadway productions. At least then they'll be able to join me at a Broadway show in the future while Hubby downs some beers and check if Jessica Alba might be free to join him.

But seriously, (well, not too seriously) at least now whenever Hubby and I feel like throwing up after listening to a full half hour of songs from Out Of The Box or High 5, I'll feel rewarded when I see and hear Johnny during the weekends. It's just too bad he's got a boyfriend.

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