Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Finally A Meal Worth Blogging About

Yearning for some romance, I asked Hubby if we could go out on a date one of these days. He happily agreed and said we'll make it my belated birthday dinner. He wanted to surprise me at first, but I figured out we were going to The Steak House at The Intercontinental. So I got dressed up last night and met him at the Central Ferry to get us some good steak.

I was quite impressed at the whole ambiance of the restaurant when we first sat down. Probably the only complaint I would have was that we were seated next to the waiters' station. Our server came to us promptly, took our drinks order and in less than a minute our breads were served. They had spicy pimento, mixed herb and plain butters for us to choose from. The breads were freshly baked too. I love fresh bread. Then our server came with our menus, introduced the special of the day and then brought a tray of imported tomatoes from Italy which went with the whole presentation of their special, separate menu which featured all these tomatoes. We ended up just ordering a steak each, some starters and side veggies.

First to come was my Classic Ceasar and Hubby's Shrimp Cocktail salad. I enjoyed my salad, because it's been a while since I had some good, authentic ceasar dressing, with real anchovies and shaved parmesan. The quantity and mixture was just right. Nothing overwhelmed the other. Hubby offered some of his shrimp to me, but since I was allergic I wasn't sure if I should try it. Good thing he insisted and said it was really fresh so I should be fine, because it was sooo good! I was blown away at how fresh the shrimp was and how perfectly blended the sauce tasted. I could have eaten Hubby's whole plate of shrimp, but I had to contain myself since I didn't know whether my allergies would act up and I wanted to be in perfect shape to enjoy my fillet mignon.

After our dishes were cleared, a server came over with a selection of steak knives! He quickly introduced each one and asked us to choose our weapon for the evening. Hubby quickly picked the one from Japan which looked like a switchblade that samuris would use. He had been eyeing that one since he wasn't able to use it the last time he was there. I chose the sleek one which was made in Italy with a bone handle. If only I could have discreetly stuffed the knife into my purse. I asked Hubby if they ever loose any knives by the end of the day.

Not long after we chose our weapons, our steaks arrived! Oh glorious meats! I had the 8oz. while Hubby had the 12oz. Before we could carve up our meats, an elegant longish tray of salts were presented to us. The server introduced each salt as low sodium, high mineral (I don't buy that) and where they were "harvested". Each had a different color with the one from Hawaii looking almost black. I was intrigued with the notion that each salt has a different taste, so I placed a tiny bit of the nearest 3 on my plate to have a taste. Hubby said I just have uncultured taste buds because they all tasted like plain salt to me.

My steak was great! My knife easily carved out a bit of my steak and it was almost melt in your mouth good. At the moment that steak rates number one amongst all the steaks I've had in HK. The only one that would top that would be the fillet mignon I had at the Wynn Las Vegas.

I struggled to finish my steak in the end, but there was no way I was going to let any of that meat go to waste. After my tummy was up to full capacity, Hubby suggested we go up to the hotel lobby and have dessert there instead for a change of scenery. I was glad we did because the view was amazing! I am totally going to suggest to the Thursday group that we have afternoon tea at the Intercontinental one of these days. And since we were there at night, I completely fell in love with the HK skylight for the first time in my almost 5 years living here. For the first time also, I said that the day we move out of HK I am truly going to miss living here. The evening was almost magical.

So all in all it was an almost perfect evening. We paid less than what we did for our meal at Petrus, felt fuller and more satisfied. The view, the ambiance, the service were all top notch. The only suggestion I would have made was for our server to speak slower since he had a very strong cantonese accent which made it hard to understand him at times. I felt really bad I didn't bring my camera, but I'm sure we'll be going back there again... and again.


ragamuffin girl said...

pm tea at the Intercon! when? when?
already telling hubby we should eat there, if only for the knife and salt experience haha! i love different-colored and tasting salts!

midicrux said...

Let's just say that the other restaurant at the Intercon, SPOON, has not disappointed either. Neither has the I-Spa.

christao17 said...

Oh, that sounds like a fantastic meal!