Monday, August 13, 2007

Boy Wonder's First Day of School... Finally

And so the day finally arrived! Boy Wonder started his first day of school today. He was supposed to start last Thursday, but when we showed up at the school entrance, turned out it was shut due to a typhoon warning! Typhoon my ass! At least that gave me a few more days to settle my nerves. I was worried Boy Wonder would be a crying mess and stress me out the first few days of school. I hoped all the psychological prepping I've done to Boy Wonder will work and after today I think it has so far.

So anyways, we arrived this afternoon amongst other first timers. The first thing they did was check Boy Wonders hands which I didn't understand why. To see if they were clean? They then took his temperature and handed me a chart to fill Boy Wonder's temperature everyday! All the parents were then asked to put shoe covers on while the kids changed into their school shoes which we brought with us. Boy Wonder found his cubby where his shoes will be living until he grows out of them. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Tita Mayapapaya and Tito Mickey for the pair of white shoes which are now Boy Wonder's official in-school shoes.

After we picked up Boy Wonder's ID and some other hand-outs, we were led into the classroom. At this moment I was worried the crying would begin. But before we stepped into the lift that afternoon, I prepped Boy Wonder again and told him he had to be good and not cry. I reminded him that I would be there the whole time and that it would be a short school day for now. He seemed to have remembered what I told him because after we placed his school bag into his cubby, he picked a seat and sat down with all the other kids. Meanwhile I sat on another set of seats with the rest of the parents across from the kids. I felt good seeing Boy Wonder sit down with no drama. And I felt even better when I saw 2 other kids cling on to their moms for dear life and knowing Boy Wonder wasn't one of them.

After a short puppet intro and asking of names, the class was divided into 2 and Boy Wonder's group was led to the music room as they all held on to a really long fuzzy snake. Boy Wonder showed some apprehension, but I played it down by acting as if it was no big deal and told him I was right behind him. In the music room we were asked to form a circle then sang a few Chinese songs which none of the kids were getting into. I think other than the 2 Chinese teachers, I was the one that was into it the most, trying to get Boy Wonder a bit more enthusiastic. I failed though. The mom to my left was stiff as a log which really didn't help matters and her frightened child. She was in her office attire and you just knew she was completely embarrassed and lost in that circle. She looked more lost and apprehensive than her son.

When the music finally stopped, we were led out into the common area so the kids could play. The teachers asked all the parents to try and let their kids play on their own or with their classmates while we sat on the seats instead. I thought that was a good idea, and I was glad Boy Wonder was content playing by himself with all the new toys.

After a quick toilet run, all the kids were asked back into the classroom for snack time. Even though Boy Wonder spilled his juice and dropped some cake onto the floor, he still did me proud by politely asking when he wanted more cake and did his share when it was time to tidy up. I was a beaming parent at that point. Had I been more hormonal with my impending period, I would have been in tears by then.

All the kids were asked to sit down again after their snacks while the parents were asked to leave the classroom for goodbye time. Boy Wonder looked at me with abit of fear in his eyes at that moment but I gave him a big smile and told him I'll be waiting outside the door. To my relief he sat back down and didn't cry as I exited the room. The 2 other boys were crying though so their moms were allowed to stay behind. After a few minutes it was announced on their PA systems that parents can pick their kids up from the classrooms and to have their "pick-up" cards ready. I went, got Boy Wonder and the one hour, first day of school was over! Yey!

Words cannot begin to express how relieved I am that Boy Wonder did not cry. I know he will have some bad days as the month goes by, but at least I know he's not the most clingy in class. I think his 2 weeks of art class before school started really helped and me bugging him almost everyday that he'll be going to school soon helped as well. My worry now is when he starts taking the bus and also how he'll get back into the groove of school after we come back from our 2 Australia trips in September and December. I guess I just need to remind myself... one hurdle at a time Bandit, one hurdle at a time!

And when Boy Wonder does get into the groove of things and starts taking the bus to school everyday with no drama, I can start doing other things! Yipee! Freedom and more time to devote to Nachos.


Mayapapaya said...

Aw. Tita Maya sends a big hug to the little schoolboy, and a bigger hug to his mommy. Tito Mickey says "Tell Sammy, no matter what anyone else tells him, it's all about the shoes."

christao17 said...

Congratulations to Sammy! (And to his Mom!)