Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Not That Man

Last Wednesday Hubby and his colleagues felt it was time to have a "department" (all 3 of them) dinner again wherein spouses and significant others were invited. He asked me what I felt like eating so I suggested teppanyaki. After a few suggestions from the gals of the Thursday group, we went with Nadaman and Hubby booked a private teppanyaki room that sat 6. Perfect for the whole department plus their partners.

The last time I attended their "department" dinner was last year, as posted on my blog. Knowing the almost unlimited budget and excess in which Hubby and his colleagues deal with their meals, I was giddy with excitement at what I may be putting into my tummy that night.

After I put Nachos to bed and handed Boy Wonder off to our helper for the evening, I happily rushed to Island Shangri-La. Its been ages since I dressed up! As I entered our private room, seeing the teppanyaki table gave me the same happiness as seeing Hubby. After a few minutes of conversation I was thrilled when the orders were placed and the food started coming in. Plates of veggies, seafood and steaks entered. The chef started his magic...

But as the food was divided into our plates, the magic pretty much ended for us that evening.

First came a nice mix of enoki mushrooms with greens. At first I thought it was going to be mixed with something else, like a fried rice. But no, that was it. As the chef divided it into each of our plates, I finished mine with 2 bites before he reached the last person on the table. While eating this first dish, I noticed ONE slice of pumpkin plus ONE piece of asparagus cooking next to the highly recommended pot of cod. I thought it was going to be garnish for the cod when suddenly the chef started gingerly cutting each vegetable into 6 pieces then placing it into each of our plates. I was almost waiting for someone to suddenly burst into the room and say got you! here is the rest of that dish. But no, I ate it in half a bite.

Next came the steaks. The torture was almost unbearable. When I would usually consume one steak all by myself, it was heartbreaking seeing my steak cut into pieces then given to 5 other people! Sorry Hubby, but it was some good meat, I wanted it all! Then came the second piece of meat. Same story.

At this point, if I was part of the governing body that evening, I would have called in our Maitre D', gave him a few stern words and started ordering more food right away. Instead I sat there in hungered silence and waited while everyone simply commented that at least now we know what dishes to re-order.

Finally the fried rice came. We ordered all 3 kinds in their menu and while the same story was unfolding on the teppanyaki table, I commented that maybe 3 of us should just pick the one we wanted and the rest could order more. But of course my comment fell on deaf ears. It was seriously painful at this point to gobble up 3 mouthfuls of fried rice in one big rice bowl... 3x.

When all the food was consumed, Hubby took the reigns this time, called in our retarded Maitre D' and started pointing to dishes here and there. Although I wished Hubby would have let that finger loose some more, I was just too tired waiting to eat at that point. Retard Maitre D' had already ruined the whole experience for us that evening. I don't think any of the 6 of us will be going back there anytime soon.

What an idiot of a Maitre D' to not say anything when only one serving of the pumpkin was ordered. Being all first time customers, our Maitre D' did not have the braincells to tell us it would only be enough for half a person, let alone 6! It was only while Hubby was ordering the second time that he finally decided to suggest we order 3.5 servings which would mean each of us gets at least one sliver. He didn't say anything when the cod was ordered. He didn't say anything when the rice was ordered. He didn't say anything, period! What a jackass. Sorry to be so hostile, but I'm a hungry person in general and I don't like being deprived of my food.

So Nadaman, all I have to say next time someone asks me if I want to eat there would be: Not that, man.

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ragamuffin girl said...

hahaha. am so sorry you had such a F***ed up experience that night. my 2nd time in nadaman wasn't so great either, except for the cod, of which we got 1 whole order each! maybe it changed hands/managers since the 1stt time i was there, when i seriously fell in love with most everything we ordered. what a ridiculous, inexperienced maitre d' they have- you should have done the ordering Tehls!