Monday, July 30, 2007

My Son The YouTube Addict

And he's only 3! Yup, Boy Wonder is officially addicted to YouTube. It's amazing that I even got the chance to do abit of blogging at the moment. Because everytime either Hubby or I sit down at the computer, Boy Wonder comes running and pushes us off the chair. Right now I've told him it's quiet time so he's resting on the coach. It won't be long before he's had enough of quiet time.

It all started when we were eager to find more ways to entertain him so Hubby showed him some music videos to dance to. Then we showed him some train videos which made him start asking us to watch some more. We got tired having to sit there through all sorts of train video, so we started teaching him how to use the mouse. His early attempts at using the mouse was shaky. He would often drop our Mighty Mouse to the floor and not know where the arrow was. But he got better quick, and after he killed our Mighty Mouse, we bought a corded mouse and things took off from there.

Boy Wonder can now open FireFox, click on Hubby's bookmarks, click on YouTube, then punch in the letter T which will open up a menu with all the previous searches we've done that starts with the letter T. He'll then click on "toy railroad crossings", click on search and start surfing for ages! He can literally sit in front of our computer for close to an hour looking at all sorts of train related things. He knows where a certain video clip is and knows what would link to which other video and so on. He also uses the scrolling wheel on the mouse and knows the difference between left click and right click. I don't know whether to be impressed, proud or scared!

Uh-oh, here he comes... more blogging after he's gone to bed!


Min said...

that's amazing!!

ragamuffin girl said...

i'm impressed:)