Saturday, July 07, 2007


I recently got a new phone because my old one stopped ringing. Since Hubby has been traveling so much for work, he has accumulated so many points that it was nothing to redeem a phone for me. After I picked it up on Thursday, I immediately went about setting it up. And it was while doing this that I realized how my cell phone dictates who my friends are.

After I went about doing the usual things like setting up the date, wallpaper, etc. I moved my phonebook over from my old phone to the new one. But since my SIM card didn't have enough space to move every item in my phone book and I was too lazy to enter the remaining numbers myself, I decided it was time to do some "clearing out" of my phone book.

As I started deleting names with their numbers, I thought to myself I better make sure these are the ones I want to get rid of. Because after the deed is done, it will be mighty hard to find a way to contact them in the future. And as I went future down the list of names, I realized there are people in here whom I haven't texted or called in ages and whom have no connections with any of my other friends. If I were to delete their numbers, it meant I have decided to cut off my connections with them, and thus our stale friendships. Although I knew these people wouldn't miss me, it's just amazed me at how something like my cell phone dictates who my friends are. If you're in my phonebook, you're my friend. If you're not, I don't know you anymore. Just like that, with a click of my keypad I have decided this certain person is not worth holding on to. Such a simple gesture and someone is wiped off my life!

So after such an eye opening moment in my life, I reminded myself its time to fill out that old fashioned, good old hardbound address book I bought during my last trip to Australia. At least the next time I do some spring cleaning on my cell phone phone book, I don't have to stress out about deleting someone from my life!


christao17 said...

Yeah, it is quite amazing how much of your information gets wrapped up into a mobile phone. When my SIM card crapped out last year, I found that I lost a lot of contact information that took months to rebuild.

I finally started updating my online address book with Google, so that I'd have that information somewhere that I could access anywhere in the world.

ragamuffin girl said...

very interesting thought. quite profound in fact. i try not to look back- if i delete their numbers, it's the end for me. sorry na lang ako if i find myself missing them later on. :)