Thursday, May 24, 2007

Love Letters

While I was in the States this time, I had to go through a few boxes of things my mom put away after they sold their house in San Jose. I thought I had already done that a few years ago, so imagine my surprise when I unearthed a box full of letters I had received during my 6 years living in California. The box held all sorts of correspondence, from cards of various occasions to briefly written letters to long novel-like letters to the most interesting ones, love letters.

I was abit apprehensive to look through the love letters at first. I don't really know why though because as I started reading through them, one moment I was giggling, then saying aaawww then snorting out lot's of "yeah right." It was wonderful reading through all those well meant emotions. All fueled mainly by male hormones. I still felt a bit flattered by some of the words written to me and saddened by others since I was no longer friends with the authors.

Most of the love letters and cards from these former suiters were easy to toss into the recycling bin. But there were a few I needed to hold on to. I want to hold on to them not because the words still hold meaning and emotion for me, but because alot of these relationships had taught me so much about myself and in the end made me stronger as a person.

Majority of the guys who wrote the letters, I no longer keep in touch with and have no idea where they are and what they do now. All I know is that though I may laugh and shake my head at the empty promises and well meant wishes they wrote, I am grateful they had been a part of my life and made me who I am today.

As I continued reading through all the other letters and cards in the box, I also realized Boy Wonder and Nachos might never be able to experience this type of nostalgia when they grow up. Who still writes actual letters to one another? We still send the occasional birthday or holiday cards, but do we actually take the time to sit down and fill it with what's been happening in our lives? We may not need to do much updating since we all receive emails easily from each other now. But tell me, do we actually save all these trivial emails in our email folders forever? I can't imagine sitting at my computer one day in the future reading through hundreds of emails and feeling nostalgic. All I'll ask myself is why have I taken up so much memory space for all this junk?

I didn't finish looking through my box of mail while I was in the US. There were a few too many to sort through. And 2 stacks of mail I didn't have the heart to open and read through again. One was from my ex-friend and the other were a stack from all the ladies from my ex-barkada.
I made sure I placed them back in the box and re-stacked it back on the shelf in my parent's garage. Those letters will still be there when I'm ready.

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