Friday, April 20, 2007

Yet Another Looong Haul Flight

It's 7 more hours before our flight to the US. I haven't packed my stuff yet, Hubby is in Macau doing some last minute errands, Boy Wonder is running around in his underwear and Nachos hasn't been changed. I'm a bit stressed out with all that I still need to do so what do I do first? I do some blogging of course! haha!

I am so not looking forward to the 12+ hour long flight. I've told Boy Wonder it'll be his bedtime right after we get our meals on the flight. Hopefully he's registered that and will go to sleep. He woke up pretty damn early this morning too, so maybe he'll be tired enough by that time. As for Nachos, I just hope she doesn't do any explosive poos on the flight.

I also hope the kids won't have any serious jet lag when we arrive in California. It would be hell to have 2 lively kids at 4 in the morning.

Shopping, I'll just remind myself I can do some serious shopping when we get there.

Well, better start doing some packing. There has to be a few cold weather clothes that will fit me. Will blog again when we get there!

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