Thursday, March 08, 2007

Hubby My Hero

March 4 was the HK marathon and Hubby and his dad ran it again this year. It was quite funny watching the 2 of them edge each other on days before the marathon. Hubby would wake Dad up at 6 am almost every morning. And on days when Dad thought they agreed to have a rest, Hubby would get all geared up for a gym session and ask Dad why he wasn't dressed yet. They would keep announcing how each will eat the other's dust and how each will win the race.

So the day finally came and here are some pictures we took when they finished. Both did very well. Mum and I are just happy they both made it back ok, didn't have to take the loosers bus back and didn't need any emegency assistance.

Dad said this will be his last HK marathon, while Hubby says he's going to join the Melbourne Marathon again this year. He's even put his name into the draw for a spot in the NY Marathon which will be at the end of the year. I think he's gone mad!

But hey, at least with all the marathons Hubby's been getting into, he's turned into a lean and healthy man. Different from the slightly over-weight guy I married a few years ago. Now I need to loose a ton of weight and keep up with him!

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