Saturday, March 24, 2007

House Shopping

Oh, before I start my blog, I should mention we just got back from 2 and a half weeks in Australia again. It was great as usual, and we are still in abit of discontent coming back to an apartment without adequate spacing and no backyard. More about that later.

So anyways, we went "house shopping" while we were in Australia this time. We wanted to get ideas for when we renovate our house in Melbourne, so my in-laws took us to this place where the whole village was full of model homes! There were a few different villages around the same area, so we picked a few and checked them out. Each village would have around 20-30 homes, all build by different building companies. What you do is pick the one you like, order it from the company, choose a plot of land from their list or have them build it on a piece of land you already own. Then if you have any specific changes they can also do that for you. The guy we asked said the whole process will usually take up to a year before you can move in. So anyways, we checked out a bunch of these houses and took some pictures. Some were beautiful! Others were pretty average. We found one we loved and will base alot of what we saw into our house in the future.

We got really excited after checking out all the houses that we thought why not start checking out tiles, flooring, fixtures and appliances. It was great! I was amazed at how many different kinds of tiles there are out there! It also made me realize I really need to think hard on what colors I want different parts of our house to be. Coz its not only the colors, but the textures of the tiles. At least with the flooring we know we want wooden floors. Picking out appliances was also a treat. It was wonderful checking out the huge stove tops and ovens! We picked a 5 hood stove top plus a huge oven to go in the bottom. We also picked out a huge 4 door fridge. Hubby said as I pick each tile, appliance, flooring, etc., he can just see the numbers go up and up, like we were in Vegas. We also looked into builders and will do some comparison shopping in terms of having an architect do everything for us or if we handle the building and the architect just does the designing. Either ways, its a whole new experience and I can't wait to see some drafts from an architect!

So you can just imagine what a shocker we had when we came back to HK again. Just plunking our luggages down that evening, we ended up covering half the floor space in our living/dinning area. Not too long after we were already complaining about how tiny our place is and that we needed more storage space. I had to remind ourselves that where we live now is already a huge step up from where we were. If only we had more money, we'd upgrade again like we did on a whim the last time we felt like this coming back from Oz.

I think to make me feel better I'll go get that shelf I've been bugging Hubby for next week.

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