Sunday, February 18, 2007

The Human Pacifier

It's been almost a month since I last blogged. Its been difficult getting away from Nachos since she's gotten very attached to my boobs. But at least at this point, I have stopped giving her formula and she has been thriving purely on my breastmilk. I still find it abit hard to believe I've actually succeeded in terms of breastfeeding. Maybe I feel this way because I wasn't ready for everything else that comes with a purely breastfed baby.

When my parents were still here just a few weeks ago, Hubby and I decided we should take the opportunity and go have dinner with some friends. Nachos was still having the odd bottle of formula here and there so we thought leaving her with my mom while we went for dinner should be no problem. Good thing we ended the evening abit early because while in the cab on our way home, my mom calls to say Nachos had spewed out both bottles and has not stopped crying for the past hour! The moment I got home and attached her to my breast, she ate and fell asleep. I was relieved to see her stop crying and resting, but then it dawned on me that this means Nachos doesn't like the bottle and needs me there to feed! And then it further dawned on me that she simply can't sleep if she's not at my breast! And to top it all off, she can't stay asleep unless she's being held or sleeping right next to me! Aaaaaaah!

So you can imagine what I've been busy with lately and why I haven't had any free hands to blog. The times that Nachos is being held asleep by someone else or if she's happily sitting in her chair, I'm rushing into the shower or eating or simply taking a breather. Just blogging this entry, I've already had to stop twice since Nachos woke up. I'm always trying to see how long she can stay asleep each time I put her down in the bed. Augh! There she does again... she's awake. Be back...

Going out to shop isn't so simple anymore because I'm always looking out for where I can sit down and discreetly feed Nachos if the need arises. I guess I'm just not used to the whole concept yet, that's why I stress myself out whenever we go out. Besides, there's really nothing to shop for at the moment since I'm still a fatty.

So I've been SUPER thankful that my parents and now my in-laws are here to give me a hand. Not only do they give me help with Nachos, but its been good in terms of maintaining my sanity whenever I start getting impatient or simply pissed off because Nachos wouldn't stay asleep on her own.

All in all breastfeeding is good in terms of bonding and saving big bucks on formula. But I've decided when she turns 4-5 months, I'm going to switch her to formula and start training her to sleep on her own. Wish me luck.