Friday, January 19, 2007

For Vanity Sake

The last time I had a shower was the morning of December 28, the day Nachos was born. Oh I remember that morning fondly. The nice hot water splashing on me, the soap suds all over my body and my hair rinsed off of all the daily crud. Although I've washed my hair since then, I haven't had a shower or bath. All I've had are sponge baths. And since my mom is watching me like a hawk, I can't sneak a shower into my day. I had to plead with her before she helped give me a really hot hair washing over the sink.

And why am I depriving myself of a nice hot shower for a whole month? Well, it all boils down to vanity and the age old reason of better to be safe than sorry.

I did the same thing when I had Boy Wonder. Not only did I not have a shower, I couldn't go out of the house for a whole month. I'm doing it again this time and Hubby is still at a loss on why I put up with it.

Many of us crazy Chinese people or Asians have this one month practice whenever you give birth. You're made to stay home and just rest. You can't touch cold water, strain yourself nor take the slightest risk of catching a cold or getting sick. So that means avoiding the elements, eating all the best foods and soups and generally fully recover from the strains of childbirth. Although many people would agree that that is a good thing to do, the way we do it is considered abit too much by most. One thing that gets to Hubby the most is why I can't leave the house and why I can't have a shower. Although I must admit its abit silly, I just think of it as a great excuse not to run any errands for a month and not showering means not getting much guests so that I can rest as much as possible.

The whole rational behind all this pampering and avoiding all the elements is that we believe a woman's body goes through immense strain during labor. And when you're pregnant, all your joints loosen in preparation for the delivery of the baby. So after the baby comes, the strain means you may be vulnerable or have weaker resistance to illness and all those loosened joints means you need to rest and not strain yourself at all so they all go back to normal quickly and with no complications. We believe that if you touch cold water or get abit chilly, your joints just might stiffen up abit and cause you difficulties when you get older. I can't say I completely believe all of this, but hey, I'd rather be safe than sorry when I get older.

The way I see it, Asians in general, or Asian women seem to age better than non-Asian women. Whether its simply in their genes or has to do with this whole one month thing, I'd like to be one of those women that looks great in their old age. I also want to increase my chances of not being one of those oldies that have to be taken care of by their husbands because they can't walk much anymore or is always going to the doctors for some reason. I'll make sure I eat well, exercise and look after myself, but I'm hoping this one month thing is an added kick in the right direction. I want to be well and healthy in my old age so that I can enjoy my kids more and keep up with my husband who is definitely fitter than me at this stage.

And heck, like what I keep telling Hubby, when else in my grown up life will I have my mother pamper me and look after me like I was a kid again? I've been living away from my parents since I was 18. Having her around for a whole month everytime I have a baby makes me feel alot better. I feel lucky that I still have my mommy around to spoil me.


Anonymous said...

I think it would be interesting to see some statistics as to how asian women who had no children compared age wise to those who had.

Bandit said...

I think women who had no children will do better overall because they didn't have to go through the strain of pregnancy and childbirth to begin with... across all cultures.