Saturday, December 09, 2006

Waiting For The Day

When I was pregnant with Boy Wonder, I gained a total of 45 pounds. When his due date arrived and passed, we discussed things with my doctor and decided to cut him out of me instead. Besides, my parents had already arrived for a week and Hubby was starting to suffer from cabin fever. Life was getting tough with 2 additional adults in a 750 square foot apartment. Boy Wonder had Hubby's big head and from my ultra-sounds, it was obvious he wasn't going to be a small baby. Since we didn't want to add more headaches into the situation, we randomly picked a day that was most convenient for all of us and settled on a Sunday, May 16, 2004. We were fully covered by insurance, so the added costs of doing things on a Sunday wasn't an issue. And it was a good thing we decided to cut Boy Wonder out of me, because he arrived into this world at a whopping 4310gms, which is exactly 9.5pounds!

Now we fast forward to the present. I have so far gained 36 pounds and Nachos was abit over 7 pounds during my last ultra-sound. There are 2 more weeks to go before my due date and I am worried she'll keep gaining the weight till she decides to come out. Since my parents won't be here till the first week of January, we have decided to let mother nature take it's course. Hubby has already been telling Nachos that she can come out anyday now, just not on the 2 days he needs to be in Macau to get some paperwork done. I am hoping she'll wait till the later half of the month because there are still a few things I need to get done. It may all be wishful thinking, but hopefully she'll cooperate.

In the meantime, my lunch group all tell me I don't look like I'm even pregnant from behind. If you don't count the waddle when I walk, I definitely don't look as whale-like as when I was pregnant with Boy Wonder. Phew! I remember realizing just how much weight I gained with Boy Wonder when I tried to put on a pair of knee high boots a month after he was born. I thought my boots should fit coz come on, how much weight can a pair of legs gain? Apparently alot! I couldn't zip the zipper up past my ankles! Then when a family friend came over to visit, she also pointed out I gained so much weight that even my legs look fat! Waaah! thank goodness I lost almost all of it almost a year later. And hopefully this time round I can easily loose the added weight as well.

My complaints for this pregnancy are the following: swollen ankles and fingers, heart burn, really feeling the added weight and a few pinched nerves in a few parts of my body. I was able to still hike around the Peak when I was pregnant with Boy Wonder, but with Nachos I know I'll die if I do any hikes for more than 20 minutes. I can see and feel that I am not as physically able as I was this pregnancy, and it has also made me realize I really need to work out and get in shape if we want more kids after Nachos. Now I truly see why its better to have kids when you're younger.

So anyways, the count down continues. I've gone to my cloth nappy workshop, La Leche League seminar is next week. Boy Wonder has already been moved to his new bed and his crib is now in our bedroom. All the baby clothes have been washed and my hospital is just about all packed. We're really looking forward to meeting Nachos and hopefully come up with her full name by the time she arrives.

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