Saturday, December 23, 2006

Still Here

I'm still here... still pregnant as ever and still getting bigger. My lop-sided stomach is looking worse and just the other day I realized the left side, which is the bigger side has developed stretch marks! Aaaaaaugh! How lop-sided am I going to end up looking? During my last pregnancy, I ended up wearing the same pair of pants everyday because nothing else fit anymore. I was hoping I wouldn't end up being pregnant long enough this time to go through the same fashion dilemma, but I have! If I'm not out with my pants that are too short, I'm home in my pajama pants that are too small to fit over my stomach. I'm just thankful the weather hasn't turned too cold for a complete wardrobe change.

I've kept myself busy the past few weeks, coming up with things to do before I go under house-arrest for a whole month when Nachos arrives. I've done extra Christmas shopping for Boy Wonder, went and picked up some great goodies from my friend who just arrived from Manila. I asked her to order these chocolate crinkles I read that were featured on Dessert Comes First. They are delicious! I am so happy I bugged my friend to go through the trouble. hehe. I also had her get me some of my friends cookies from Delici which were also featured on the same site. I also had her get me some pastillas, but I think it was a good thing she wasn't able to get me any. I'm already wondering if I'll be able to finish all my new found goodies before they go bad.

Since I felt I had the time, I also went and got a brazilian wax today. Gosh, getting it done today reminded me why the only other time I had it done was before I had Boy Wonder. Ouch! When I had it done the first time, my wax lady left a small triangular patch in the middle where she said was the most sensitive. She said after I've gone through childbirth I'll be able to handle the pain of getting that portion removed. I didn't argue one bit and totally believed her. But then I ended up having a cesarean, so I never found out what the pain of childbirth felt like. This time my wax lady didn't give me a choice and just ripped out the spot with the rest of them. It hurt, but I didn't feel like it hurt more than the other areas. And to think I even took a pain killer before leaving the house today. Little that did to ease the pain. But after those few seconds of pain, I was glad I had it done. I felt cleaner down there and knew I wouldn't have the longer lasting discomfort had I been shaved at the hospital.

I don't know why, but suddenly I remembered Mayapapaya's hubby reads this blog from time to time. Sorry to gross you out Mickey.

So anyways, I don't think I can be more ready for Nachos to arrive. It would be nice if she didn't arrive on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, but if those are the days she wants to come out, then nothing we can do. The only worry I have at the moment is that Hubby needs to get some things done in Macau on the 27th. I really really hope she doesn't decide to come out on the 27th of all days!

So here I am on my continued waiting game. Let's hope my next post will be a delayed one and the announcement of a birth.


mayapapaya said...

LOL, bandit! maybe i'll tell him to stay away from this post! we're eagerly awaiting nachos' arrival - not as eagerly as you, i'm sure.

Pamela said...

Merry Christmas, Bandit! I hope Nachos gives you her very first Christmas gift today... Feliz Navidad to husband and Boy Wonder too!