Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas Carnage

Nope, Nachos hasn't arrived yet. I'm not obsessed enough to be blogging from the hospital. Just wanted to write about our simplest Christmas since Hubby and I got married.

We only decided to get a small Christmas tree 2 days before Christmas. We weren't even considering getting one this year, but since Boy Wonder has been singing Jingle Bells and asking us about Christmas presents, we thought he would get a kick out of having a Christmas tree at home. So off Hubby went into the unexpected mayhem of Causeway Bay and got Boy Wonder a Christmas tree and a bike with matching helmet. It must have been so cute seeing Hubby lugging a small bike in the MTR train surrounded with thousands of people. Normally Hubby would be cursing all manner of profanities under his breath, but it was Christmas and he knew it was for a good cause, so he said he was proud at how well he managed the trip home. We were able to distract Boy Wonder enough as we got home that afternoon to tuck the bike away in the laundry area and covered it with a tarp.

We put up the tree that evening and Boy Wonder had a kick out of stringing the garlands and putting up the ornaments. We also finally got a charger for our handy cam, so were able to film the festivities. We then placed the gifts Boy Wonder's grandma and pop had for him under the tree. It was great how he listened when we told him he couldn't open any of them yet until Christmas.

So Christmas day came yesterday. Boy Wonder has been suffering from a bad cough for the last few days, so he didn't wake up in a good mood. It took him quite a few minutes before we could liven him up and get him into the excitement of opening his presents. Below is the carnage that followed after all his presents were opened.

As you can see, it didn't him long before he went through all the toys and started playing with his old cars. But he does like the cash register Grandma, so don't worry. He's also been playing with the water doodle off and on. We just need to keep stopping him from drinking the water out of the pens!

But this Christmas wasn't just all about Boy Wonder. Although does not want to admit it, he also got himself a really nice Christmas present this year:

Yup, he went and got himself a Sony Playstation 3. He got a better than expected bonus, so one day last week off we went and bought baba his new toy. It turned out to be a good investment since now Hubby and Boy Wonder have something to keep them constantly entertained for the next few weeks. Hubby has no work from Christmas to New Years plus he gets 2 weeks paternity leave, so that's alot of time on his hands to kill.

As you can see Boy Wonder is already a pro at handling the controls. Its a bit worry-some, but in a few months, I can just see Boy Wonder in total control of his fingers and working those controls like a pro. Hubby will have to wrestle him soon just so he could also have a go at the Playstation.

Hubby also cooked a great Christmas turkey dinner for us last night. Since it was our helper's day off, Hubby took to the kitchen like a pro. I really enjoyed dinner with my rootbeer. Although it was lonely with only the 3 of us at the dinner table, I was thankful for such a great year and a wonderful family.

It was good having the opportunity to spend some time with just the 3 of us before a new addition arrives in a few days, but this Christmas has made me realize just how important it is to have friends and family around during the holidays. It was wonderful seeing all the pics my side of the family sent over of their Christmas dinner at my brother Min's place. I miss spending special occasions with them. Looking at the pictures just made me miss them even more. I am so looking forward to seeing my parents again in a few weeks then spending some more time with the rest of my family in the States in May.

It would have also been great had we spent Christmas in Australia. It was Aunty Faye's turn to host Christmas dinner this year and we missed out. I've always loved meals at their place. I wonder what Uncle Manny cooked up this year. I'm looking forward to seeing pictures of the festivities we missed.

I think if we decide to have child number 3 which Hubby has already lovingly nicknamed Anchovies, we better make sure he or she doesn't have a due date around any holidays.

I'm going to waddle my way onto the couch now and do some more relaxation as ordered by Hubby. At this point even I'm eager to know what my next blog entry will be like.

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