Thursday, November 23, 2006

I Hate Taxis

I know it just might be the hormones, but I hate taxis! Having grown up in Manila, taking taxi's are very cheap. It bugs me everytime I hear someone comment on how cheap it is to take taxi's in HK! So yeah, it's cheaper to take taxi's here compared to London, but for heaven's sake, we're in Asia you moron!

So where did my hostilities originate from today? Well, I took Boy Wonder to meet up with a friend at the HK Football Club this morning. Wanting some together time with Hubby, I agreed to take a cab with him into Central then just continue the journey after we dropped him off. What a HUGE mistake! Mr. Genius taxi driver decided to take a certain route which turned out to be packed with traffic instead of another route which I personally thought would have been quicker. So granted he didn't know traffic would be bad, but being a taxi driver which is his profession and something he has been doing for years, he should have been able to gauge whether that time of the day would mean bad or smooth flowing traffic. It had been ages since I've been stuck in traffic that bad in HK. And hearing the taxi meter beep continuously while listening to his annoying Chinese opera humming, I swear I was about to commit bloody murder.

I asked him part of the way if we could take another route, but he just chose to ignore me. Then after we finally reached our destination I told him he chose our route extremely poorly today and that he had wasted my money. He replied by saying I could have recommended another route. Duh! Maybe his humming caused temporary deafness. And because I was too pissed to continue sitting there and maybe even start an argument with Mr. Genius taxi driver, I bit my tongue and didn't give the whole "you're a taxi driver, it's your job to be able to better gauge a route than me" speech.

I tried to make myself feel better and looked up info about how much taxi drivers in HK make. I thought maybe if I could persuade myself that everytime I feel I've spent too much on a taxi ride, I should think about how little they make and that I'm doing a good thing by helping this guy's income. But crap man, I found they make around $18K-$19K a month! Bad idea.

So now I've just decided to be smarter when it comes to taking taxi's. Never ever leave it up to the cab driver to decided which route to take. If I do, I should just blame myself for the extra fare I've flushed down the toilet. From now on I shouldn't blindly sit in a taxi, just waiting to reach my destination. I should observe the roads, note how long my trip is taking and hopefully use all these information for future taxi rides. Or I could just wait till Nachos is born and realize there are more important things to waste my braincells on.


Pam said...

I hear you on these taxi drivers... They are plain rude sometimes but more often they are hard of hearing. But if you ride mini buses, you'd be even more pissed. Imagine carrying your child as you climb on and not even having the chance to sit down when the driver steps on the gas and the bus lurches forward. You just hang on to whatever you can so you and your child don't fall. Why can't they be more considerate?

ragamuffin girl said...

And let's not even discuss the way jeepney, bus and even personal drivers do it back home. Heh. Road courtesy is a word that sadly, many drivers can't and don't want, to understand.