Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Songs From The Past

I was watching Hubby surf the net the other night just to see what crud he digs up and watched as he started watching all sorts of gross, funny and entertaining clips on YouTube. I was shaking my head most of the time with dissapprovement until he finally noticed and ask what I would like to watch instead. Since I had never really explored the vastness of videos available on the site, Hubby started randomly pulling out some 80's videos for my enjoyment. And gosh did I enjoy it!

We started with random songs we haven't heard in years, trying to out do each other in obscurities and one hit wonders. Hubby won in my book by pulling out "Love Changes Everything" by Climie Fisher. Remember that song? How obscure is that song? And who could remember his name? Then I suddenly remembered the song "My First Love" from The Pirate Movie. I was so excited when Hubby started punching in the title but to my utter dissappointment, no one had it! So on we went watching other videos like "Everybody Wants to Rule the World" by Tears For Fears, "Out Of Touch" by Hall and Oats, "Could've Been" by Tiffany (which was my favorite Tiffany hit) and "How Will I Know" by Whitney Houston during her pre-Bobbie days. The song list was endless. I sang my heart out which made me shake off most of my hormonal emotional mood swings.

After that evening, I was inspired to start downloading songs from my CD collection into our computer so that I can compile all my favorite songs from the past. I started with some of my favorite Pinoy artists like Side A and Freestyle. It was great listening to "Forevermore" and "Let The Pain Remain" by Side A and "Before I Let You Go" by Freestyle. I even copied over one song from the only Lea Salonga CD I have "We Could Be In Love" that she sang with Brad Kane. Then I moved on to my all time favorite artist, George Michael. Hubby was already kind enough to have downloaded some of his more recent albums, so I started downloading some of his older albums. I also realized some of his CD's are already so worn out that it's got holes in them! I better go buy replacement CD's. I might even download some songs from my few Chinese CD's which I was very much into for a time.

It was great listening to all these old songs from when I was growing up. I was telling Hubby its so sad that songs these days just don't live up to all these "classics". It's great that we're able to sit back and sing along to so many songs we heard growing up. I wondered if Boy Wonder would be able to enjoy songs similar to this when he's old enough to sing along with them. Or better yet, would he enjoy the songs we're still listening to that's already considered oldies?

All in all it was an enjoyable blast from the past. Its going to take me awhile to search and rescue all these old songs from my CD collection that's been gathering dust. I'm also tempted to start buying some old CD's I've always wanted and start making sure I replace the ones that have been lost. I know I can just by them off the net, but I still like being able to have a "hard copy" of the songs I like.

Hubby, I'm going to start using our credit card very soon!

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Min said...

search for tehkao

kao has a bunch of 80's song in his favorites...