Thursday, October 19, 2006

Sanity Based Investment

While surfing and watching videos on YouTube all night the other night, Hubby finally realized just how crap our PC was. Things started popping up on our screen, strange prompts and god knows what else. Lord knows just how many spy wares, mal-wares, crud-wares we had hiding and multiplying in our harddrive. So yesterday, in an attempt to keep our sanity and love for surfing and all that is cyber-based, Hubby made the executive decision and went out and purchased an iMac!

Good thing we had a small refund from one of our investments so it wasn't too painful on our wallet making this latest purchase.

Hubby already stayed up late last night downloading his music onto ITunes in preparation for the arrivial of his iPod that he got through Asia Miles. I on the other hand still need alot of practice to get used to all the new functions in order to surf, blog, shop online and email. We also need to figure out how to transfer all the files and pictures from our old computer on to this one.

But anyways, life is looking even more pleasant now. Its great not having to curse each time we turn on our PC and not have to bare with an overly noisey CPU fan humming in the background. It'll take awhile though to recover from this sting in our wallets.


hubby said...

Hey, I realised that our PC was crap shortly after we bought it in 2004! The accumulation of viruses and other assorted errors just didn't reach my patience threshold until the other night. How nice it is to simply switch on a computer and be able to use it 10 seconds later, rather than waiting 5 minutes for our stupid Dell to get up and running.

Chris said...

I feel your pain about changing to a Mac. After using one exclusively at uni then changing over to PC when I graduated, nowadays the operating system feels so foreign.