Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Songs From The Past

I was watching Hubby surf the net the other night just to see what crud he digs up and watched as he started watching all sorts of gross, funny and entertaining clips on YouTube. I was shaking my head most of the time with dissapprovement until he finally noticed and ask what I would like to watch instead. Since I had never really explored the vastness of videos available on the site, Hubby started randomly pulling out some 80's videos for my enjoyment. And gosh did I enjoy it!

We started with random songs we haven't heard in years, trying to out do each other in obscurities and one hit wonders. Hubby won in my book by pulling out "Love Changes Everything" by Climie Fisher. Remember that song? How obscure is that song? And who could remember his name? Then I suddenly remembered the song "My First Love" from The Pirate Movie. I was so excited when Hubby started punching in the title but to my utter dissappointment, no one had it! So on we went watching other videos like "Everybody Wants to Rule the World" by Tears For Fears, "Out Of Touch" by Hall and Oats, "Could've Been" by Tiffany (which was my favorite Tiffany hit) and "How Will I Know" by Whitney Houston during her pre-Bobbie days. The song list was endless. I sang my heart out which made me shake off most of my hormonal emotional mood swings.

After that evening, I was inspired to start downloading songs from my CD collection into our computer so that I can compile all my favorite songs from the past. I started with some of my favorite Pinoy artists like Side A and Freestyle. It was great listening to "Forevermore" and "Let The Pain Remain" by Side A and "Before I Let You Go" by Freestyle. I even copied over one song from the only Lea Salonga CD I have "We Could Be In Love" that she sang with Brad Kane. Then I moved on to my all time favorite artist, George Michael. Hubby was already kind enough to have downloaded some of his more recent albums, so I started downloading some of his older albums. I also realized some of his CD's are already so worn out that it's got holes in them! I better go buy replacement CD's. I might even download some songs from my few Chinese CD's which I was very much into for a time.

It was great listening to all these old songs from when I was growing up. I was telling Hubby its so sad that songs these days just don't live up to all these "classics". It's great that we're able to sit back and sing along to so many songs we heard growing up. I wondered if Boy Wonder would be able to enjoy songs similar to this when he's old enough to sing along with them. Or better yet, would he enjoy the songs we're still listening to that's already considered oldies?

All in all it was an enjoyable blast from the past. Its going to take me awhile to search and rescue all these old songs from my CD collection that's been gathering dust. I'm also tempted to start buying some old CD's I've always wanted and start making sure I replace the ones that have been lost. I know I can just by them off the net, but I still like being able to have a "hard copy" of the songs I like.

Hubby, I'm going to start using our credit card very soon!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

What's The Kwento?

While on the bus into Central this week, I saw a group of teenagers walking out of our residential area. I wondered where they were going and what their conversations would be like. It made me think back to those days when I used to hang out with my friends and make kwento (gossip) during lunch breaks or when we met up on weekends. Then when I was abit older, kwentos would usually be at someone's house or at a coffee shop. Since we were all single or just started dating, what made these kwentos so fun and lively were the topic of boys. We talked about who had a crush on whom, who got a promising smile or grin from some guy or who actually received a call from their crush.

Most of us had an underlying excitement each time we met. There were endless "what if's" or "you know what's!" with an exclamation mark. Every minute detail would send us into a fit of giddiness or "kilig". We were all so looking forward to having a boyfriend and so every party we were invited to boiled down to who we might meet and who might potentially end up as our boyfriend.

It was this underlying theme that made shallow me enjoy hanging out with my friends so much when I was in highschool and college. I was so eager to meet someone and go through that initial kilig, that initial contact, that initial confirmation of mutual attraction. It was like a drug. Everything I did boiled down to what I hoped would happen at these parties. What would I wear, how would I do my hair, what attitude do I present when I talk to someone. All these were part of the master plan. Then after the evening was over, it was on to the phones and analysing and reanalysing everything that was said and done. What exactly did he mean when he said this? Did I sound uninterested when I said this? Wasn't so and so super cute? Conversations on the phone with my friends were just endless.

And when I got older, kwentos got even juicier because things were no longer rated PG-13. We were grown up, experienced, not afraid to really say what was on our minds and more so to ask what was on our minds. Although that meant my circle of friends decreased in size, the intensity of our kwentos increased by leaps and bounds. We kissed and blurted out almost everything. We asked and almost blushed, but the thrill of finding out some new information about my friends were wonderful. When else in our lives would we have the opportunity to take a peek into each other's initimate moments, to compare, envy and laugh about?

But now that we're mostly married, kwentos have mainly stuck to the topics of children, jobs and anything not intimate nor private. Because we all function now as a couple, everything we say has to have our husband, wife of partner's reputation considered. If we do get into the deep kwento mood, most of us would start our kwento with a quick disclamer or warning: "Hey, don't tell anyone ha! Not even your partners, ok?" To which we would always say: "Of course not. I don't tell my partner everything. Especially private matters of my friends."

But the best part comes after the initial flood gates have been opened. I realize that although those juicy and so so interesting kwentos have died down since I "grew" up, I am still fortunate enough to be able to participate in juicy kwentos of another dimension or level. Gone are the kilig topics, crushes, first kisses and instead what has evolved are deeper topics, emotional topics and topics that make you think. I have enjoyed many conversations with my friends and have now reached another realization. Although our topics are so grown up now, its after we have dished out all these "grown up' topics that makes it all the more fun and hilarious when we revert back and start gossiping. Its great to just let go of our reservations and make those shallow comments. To actually sit down with your group of friends and not be ashamed of saying so and so isn't here, so let's talk about him/her. We may be adults now, but deep down inside we're still those teenagers eager to gossip and make kwento into the wee hours of the evening.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Sanity Based Investment

While surfing and watching videos on YouTube all night the other night, Hubby finally realized just how crap our PC was. Things started popping up on our screen, strange prompts and god knows what else. Lord knows just how many spy wares, mal-wares, crud-wares we had hiding and multiplying in our harddrive. So yesterday, in an attempt to keep our sanity and love for surfing and all that is cyber-based, Hubby made the executive decision and went out and purchased an iMac!

Good thing we had a small refund from one of our investments so it wasn't too painful on our wallet making this latest purchase.

Hubby already stayed up late last night downloading his music onto ITunes in preparation for the arrivial of his iPod that he got through Asia Miles. I on the other hand still need alot of practice to get used to all the new functions in order to surf, blog, shop online and email. We also need to figure out how to transfer all the files and pictures from our old computer on to this one.

But anyways, life is looking even more pleasant now. Its great not having to curse each time we turn on our PC and not have to bare with an overly noisey CPU fan humming in the background. It'll take awhile though to recover from this sting in our wallets.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Maid for Us

Our fulltime helper started yesterday. And life already feels much more relaxed. For the first time since I moved to HK, dinner was served at our dinning table and after we ate, we didn't have to do much before it was all cleared away. Before we went off to bed I told Hubby I was just going to go into the kitchen to admire how clean and tidy it was. I had a smile on my face seeing the sink clean and empty and no dirty pots and pans on the stove.

But at 6am this morning we already heard her making noises, trying to clean up the apartment. I had to get up and ask her not to start so early because we keep our door open to hear if Boy Wonder cries at night. Later in the morning I told her in the future she can just shut the kitchen door and prepare the food she needs to cook for lunch or dinner. That way she can keep busy but not wake us up.

After I tought her how to make Boy Wonder's french toast and what to prepare for me and Hubby, I sent her off to the market to buy food for the following days. Its so nice to be able to do that!

Now I need to think about what to do with all this spare time. I've asked Boy Wonder if he wants to go to the playroom but he said no. At least the girls will be coming over on Thursday and we can all bring the kids to go swimming. I'm also thinking of signing Boy Wonder up for some art classes, if there is still an opening.

So over all its all going well. I didn't get stressed out when Hubby told me we were having lunch out with some friends on Friday because I know we have a helper now who can keep an eye on Boy Wonder if he starts to run around the restaurant. We're just hoping that he'll get used to our helper enough that we can start leaving him with her in the evenings so we can go out.

So here's to a different kind of lifestyle. I hope everything works out and Hubby will get used to having a fulltime helper around the house from now on.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Fun In The Sunshine

Everytime we come to Australia, I fall in love with nature all over again. Although it is abit colder than HK, the warm sunshine fills you up and you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I think the reason why I feel this way is also because Hubby's parents lives outside of Melbourne, around 40 minutes drive away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Their backyard is bigger than anyone could ever imagine living in HK. They've also got 2 dogs and 6 chickens. I often see birds having a swim in their bird bath and rabbits hopping along when the dogs aren't paying attention. With nature like this to wake up to everyday, it gets harder and harder to leave each time we come visit.

It took Boy Wonder a day or so, but he got all friendly again with Chilly and Molly. When the nights are cold, Grandma and Pop let the dogs in to hang with the family. Here's a picture of Boy Wonder and I chillin with Chilly.

Boy Wonder also goes out to the backyard daily to feed the chickens with Grandma or Pop and get the eggs. We hung out in the backyard yesterday to watch Pop do some yard work and take in some sunshine. Boy Wonder even got on Pop's mower for a quick picture.

Boy Wonder then saw the only 2 oranges growing in Grandma and Pop's orange bush and plucked them off. Here's Grandma peeling them lovingly so Boy Wonder could have a taste. Although they were quite small, there were real juicey and tastey.

He also checked out the newly dug up dirt and saw quite a few bugs and worms. Although he wasn't scared of them, he made sure Grandma was the one who picked them up to have a look and not him. Smart kid.

So overall we're having a great time in Australia as usual. Hubby takes the train into the city every morning to go to work. Thank goodness his job allows him to do that so we doesn't have to take extra days off.

Hubby's brother's wedding will be this Friday then the marathon will be on Sunday. Will post more pics when I get them.