Friday, September 29, 2006

Not Ready For All This Jelly

I went to see my doc Wednesday morning for my monthly check-up and also to pick-up a letter from her that says I'm ok to travel to Melbourne that evening. At the beginning of each appointment, the nurse will give me a colored stick in which to wee on to check that everything it indicates turns into the correct color. After that, I will check my weight which she will write down in my file. That morning, very similar to my appointment the past month, the nurse did a double take when I told her my weight. She went into the doctors office and immidiately came out to check my weight herself. I had gained 7 pounds from my last visit! My doctor told me normally I'm suppose to only gain 1 pound a week. Hubby gave me a look and I knew from that visit on that there shall be no more Krispy Kreme donuts for me =(

That evening mum, Boy Wonder and I got on a plane to Melbourne. I brought my pillow this time hoping it would help me get comfortable on the flight. I knew it was going to be tough with my expanding belly, but I wasn't ready for just how uncomfortable it was going to be!

Since it was a midnight flight, Boy Wonder fell asleep not too long after take off. Mum was to his left while I was to his right with his feet resting on me and his head on his seat. I was so jealous watching him sleep like that. He looked so comfortable! After our ridicously late meal, I tried to get some sleep. For some reason the angle of the seat, no matter how inclined or not inclined it was, made me dizzy. I wanted to sleep with my pillow on the tray table but with the seat infront of me fully reclined, there was no way my was going to reach the table. Every direction I turned, my belly was either in the way or I got dizzy. The only thing to do was to squirm around the whole time or just sit straight up. The only time I was finally able to get some sleep was 1 hour before landing when the man infront replaced his seat back upright and I was finally able to rest my head on the tray table.

All this jelly I'm quickly accumulating on me is giving me a harder time compared to when I was pregnant with Boy Wonder. I remember doing a 45minute hike around The Peak just weeks before my due date with no major discomforts whatsoever. With Nachos, I was in pain after we got back from a similar 45minute hike and I was only 5 months pregnant! My feet didn't start to swell till my last month of pregnancy with Boy Wonder and this time, my toes are already looking like sausages!

I also have a pinched nerve somewhere on my upper left butt cheek which acts up after a long day of walking or if I get up the wrong way or from the wrong angle. I didn't have any pains like this with Boy Wonder.

I'm seriously abit dissappointed in myself during this pregnancy because I don't feel as fit as I was the first time round. When mum asked if I wanted her to come help out because Hubby was going to be away for 2 weeks, my initial thought was I didn't need help at all. But after she came, I realized I would have had a tougher time indeed had she not come.

So now that I'm here in Melbourne for 2 weeks (Hubby signed up for the Melbourne marathon) I told mum that I am going to hibernate and just take it easy as much as possible. I've decided to remain in my pajamas as much as possible and just rest before I'll not only have to chase Boy Wonder around the apartment but Nachos too in a few months time.

I'm just hoping the added stress and sleepless nights that are coming up will help me get rid of all this jelly quickly!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

So Tired!

Been too tired to blog. Had guests, went to Disney, went hiking, need to clean, do laundry. Have more relatives coming tomorrow then more in a week or so. Will blog when I settle down and figure out why my hands and feet are so swollen today!