Saturday, August 12, 2006

So Not Feeling Sexy

I am now officially 20 weeks pregnant. We went to see a doctor last week and he confirmed that Nachos is a girl! So now I can at least lay to rest the FALSE indication that when you break out during your pregnancy, you're having a boy. And speaking of breaking out, I just want to go deeper into the mysteries of pregnancy symptoms.

While hosting a dinner at home last week, one conversation we had brought me into a string of snorts instead of laughs! I remember I used to snore alot when I was pregnant with Boy Wonder. But sheesh, when did snorting get added into the list? Hubby said I haven't started snoring... yet. Maybe the snorting is an indication of whats coming up soon.

Ok, and now I am about to confess something that may gross everyone out. Ever since I brought Boy Wonder into the world, daily showers have turned into every other day showers. Hubby might want you to think its more than that, but no, I shower every other day. But don't get me wrong, on good weeks, or string of weeks, I would shower everyday. And believe me, once our helper arrives in October, showers will be an everyday ritual. But what I really want to say about it is that since I got pregnant, my sense of smell has gotten stronger. Or is my own smell just getting stronger??? So whether its one or the other, at least its making me force myself to hop in the shower no matter how late it is or how tired I am by the end of the day.

Another strange thing that I've noticed is my lop-sided tummy. For some bizarre reason, my tummy has decided to slant towards the right. So when I look down at my tummy, the left side is higher than the right side. What is up with that? I feel like a hunchback with my hump in front instead of my back. Is there such a thing as a hunchfront?

And last night, after typing out an email, I noticed my left fore arm was extremely sore. I thought it would go away after awhile but it didn't! I had a sore arm going to bed and after Hubby lovingly massaged it, it got a bit better. But then it came back again and kept waking me up in the middle of the night. I woke up with the same sore fore arm and up till now its still the same thing. Its now spread to my pointy finger and up the back of my arm. Its probably a similar problem as when my foot had a pinched nerve with Boy Wonder. Well at least this time I won't be walking with a limp... yet.

And last but not least and Hubby's favorite, gas! When they tell you your digestion slows down during pregnancy to make sure you absorb as much nutrients for the baby as possible, they sure weren't kidding! The only thing I can say I'm thankful for is that I've somehow developed the silent ones, so I always keep Hubby guessing.

So I don't get it at the moment. Everyone says you glow or bloom or feel radient when you're pregnant. So I'll leave it up to my friends to judge. Hopefully when they see me next week I won't be a blob of pimples, gas, stink and pain. Oh and don't forget the hump and limp too.

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hubby said...

Just to set the record straight - Tehlin did snore (although softly) early last week.