Saturday, August 12, 2006

Close Encounter With Skinny Evil Kid

I signed Boy Wonder up for 2 weeks of summer school. So for the past 2 weeks, MWF then TTH this week, we took the cab to a nearby pre-pre-school and mingled with other kids, moms and helpers. I say pre-pre-school because Boy Wonder is too young for pre-school and the classes we've attended are a bit too pricey to be a playgroup. Although it seemed like Boy Wonder enjoyed himself half of the time, I don't know if I'd be able to survive a whole year of it.

Last Friday, we were joined with the older kids from another class and went on a fieldtrip to the nearby fire station. It was during this trip that I realized Skinny Evil Kid was in the same school. Although I would have been horrified a few weeks ago, I was quite calm this time because the evils of another kid in Boy Wonder's class had fizzled out my hostilities. I just kept an eye on Skinny Evil Kid and that he didn't come close to Boy Wonder with his mouth open.

Although Hubby and I have decided not to sign Boy Wonder up for school when September rolls around, I feel that the 2 weeks I spend with Boy Wonder in school had taught me alot about the school situation in HK and just kids in HK in general. I'm more open-minded now to behaviors such as Skinny Evil Kid's and more dissappointed with absent parents and lazy helpers.

During the very first day of school, we met a boy in Boy Wonders class who stood out. He stood out, because to my relief at that time, was more disinterested with the class than Boy Wonder was. During the first half of the morning, his mother and helper were there. It was obvious the mom was having a hard time controlling her son, but she was doing it. He liked grabbing all the other kids toys, didn't listen to anyone and just did things his own way in a big way. After the mom left, the helper simply sat on one of the chairs and left the boy to his own devices. Boy Wonder and I were sitting at a table with another helper and her kid when suddenly Grabbing Gary came and grabbed the little girls toy away from her. His helper simply sat there and did nothing. By then I couldn't stand it anymore so I asked the helper in Tagalog why does she not sit next to her kid and "control" him. She was surprised at first at what I said then simply said nothing she can do nor his mom can do to control him. She went on and on about how he never listens anyway and they just leave him alone. I then said because he is a special kid, all the more he needs the extra attention and care. The helper simply looked away and didn't want to listen. I was fuming by then, but just shut up coz I knew I would have wasted my energy and spit anyways.

In addition to meeting Grabbing Gary, I also overheard most of the helpers conversations especially on why they're there and what their employers do. And just like what I wrote in my last blog entry, its all the same theme. Most parents didn't know what to do with their kids or didn't have the patience, that's why they've signed them up to go to schools such as this. In the 2 weeks that I was there, there were only 2 other parents in my class. By the second week, I was the only one. Here I was signing my kid up for summer school because I wanted to interact with him more and yet most of the other parents signed their kids up for exactly the opposite reasons.

I can't blame Skinny Evil Kid for what he did. I feel sorry for Grabbing Gary even if he is such a troublesome kid. And from now on, whenever I feel like screaming at some kid in the playroom, I will do my best to compose myself and just picture myself screaming at their parents instead.

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