Monday, July 17, 2006

Reality Check

Before Hubby went off to work this morning he asked me what I have planned for the day. I said nothing this morning coz our part-timer will be here till noon. She's new so we don't want to leave her alone in the apartment till we're more used to her. So Hubby said then that means I'll most likely stay home, eat lunch when the maid leaves then its pretty much nap time for Boy Wonder. Then when Boy Wonder wakes up its already around 4. Maybe take him to the playroom for abit then its time to cook dinner. After which its almost dinner time and Hubby will be back from work. Although that is pretty much what I do most of the days, it was abit depressing hearing it from Hubby.

But what can I do? We've still got to establish trust with the new part-timer, I can't leave Sam when he's napping and 4pm is way too late to start the day.

Oh well, a chilling reality check for me. I need to start figuring out what to do about that.

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