Saturday, July 15, 2006

Our US Trip

Sometime back in May we were thinking of taking a quick trip to Thailand before Hubby started his new job. After discussing dates and what future trips we could still take, Hubby suddenly came up with the genius idea of going to the US instead and surprise my parents. We told my brother so he could get Boy Wonder a car seat and pick us up at the airport when we arrived.

As you can see, my parents did get a wonderful surprise. Our mission was accomplished and we had a great time relaxing, shopping and letting all my family take turns playing with Boy Wonder.

It was also the hottest one week while we were in Cali. Unfortunately for Hubby who hates the heat, my parents didn't install air-conditioning when they renovated the house. They said California only gets this hot a few days during the summer, so it wasn't worth the added investment to get one. Poor hubby, he had to sleep with 2 electric fans blowing at him everynight. And the funny thing was, after he left the following weekend the heatwave was over. We even needed blankets after that.

My brother's wife's sister also works for The Gap, so she was able to get us additional discounts at the outlet stores. Hubby and I, or rather Hubby went crazy shopping at The Gap and Old Navy. He said he had never bought so much clothes at one go in his life. That's what sucks about HK. You either get the over priced brandname clothes or the super cheap no name stuff. There isn't a Gap or Old Navy that caters to the middle income with good taste. And what about those who wants european sizes added to the mix? So anyways, shopping there was great. It was also great living less than 10 minutes away from The Great Mall which had all the outlet shops in it.

Another great thing about the trip was my mom's cooking. Yum! When we arrived my mom asked me what I felt like eating. And all I was craving for was plain congee, pickled cucumber and dried pork floss. Those 2 bowls of congee really fed my soul. My nausea seemed to melt away after that. And I don't know if it was the company or the food itself, but everything I ate in the States just tasted so good. After I got back here anything that came out of our kitchen just made me want to throw up again. Sniff, I miss my mom's cooking right now.

Boy Wonder also had a great time bonding with my cousins, uncle, brothers, brother's wife and especially my parents. Just last night we was asking for his Gonggong and Puopuo which I had to say were in the States. And that we would have to take a really long plane ride to see them again. He also learned heaps of new Chinese words and phrases. Now I'm just worried my in-laws won't understand him when we go visit in October. It was great having all those extra people to take him to the park, to play peek-a-boo and chasing games. Boy Wonder also loved my parents' carpeted stairs. He set up his base camp there with all his toys and cars and if you had to look for him, you knew where to find him.

We also took the time to visit my grandmother's grave. I always get emotional when we go visit her. She was the one person who was most eager to see me get married and have kids. And she was the one person who had to go just before I met Hubby. Boy Wonder had a great time helping my mom pour water into the flower pot and then making a mess with the remaining jug of water. All the boys also felt like Hawaiian shirts should be the theme of the day.

But after all the relaxing, eating and shopping, our 2 weeks were up and Boy Wonder and I headed home. Hubby was missing us immensely and we were eager to see him too. I can't wait to go back again. The next time we go to the US, we'll need 2 car seats! I'm sure my whole family will be thrilled to see Nachos next year.

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