Saturday, July 08, 2006

Mama Got A New Watch!

Hubby got me a watch as my wedding anniversary/bday present today. I haven't had a decent watch in ages and after dropping a few hints, Hubby said he looked at almost every watch shop in Central and decided I should pick the one I really want.

It all started on Thursday when I dropped Boy Wonder off at a friend's place. Thank goodness Boy Wonder really likes Sachi so there wasn't much drama when I left to meet up with Hubby for a rare dinner out. We looked at a bunch of watch shops and saw 2 watches that I liked. We then decided to give it more time and check out CWB as well on the weekend. So off we went to dinner at M on the Fringe. It was great to have a nice quiet meal with just the 2 of us. I had a great time.

Then today, we set off to CWB and checked out more watch stores. There was the Toys R Us side trip that couldn't be ignored then lunch at CPK. Just before we thought we had seen all the stores we stopped at one in Times Square. I loved it the moment I saw it. So Hubby got it for me.

Thanks Hubby, you're the greatest!


Pam said...

its great to be spoiled by the hubby, ain't it? you deserve it!

ragamuffin girl said...

happy birthday to a wonderful mama and wife. here's to our men, the ones who love to indulge us, and who we indulge in return.