Sunday, July 30, 2006

Maid For Me

Been busy these past 2 weeks looking for a full-time helper. I was considering hiring someone direct from Manila since a few friend's helpers were all recommending thier sisters. But after interviewing all 3 of them, I've decided to just hire someone who's finishing up here so I can actually meet her and see how her cooking skills are.

This is the first time I've ever had to hire a full-time helper. When we were growing up in Manila, my mom was the one who handled all that. But what I remembered about the hiring process in the past was someone gets sent over from the province and that was it. There were no interviews or choices. A helper arrives, moves in and starts to get trained by my mom. If she's a keeper, she simply stays. And if not, she either misses her family too much or just doesn't want to stay. It seemed like my mom was able to mold whoever she had into what she needed. Often times I'm confident that I could do the same with whomever I hire, but somehow it just seems like helpers these days are more intelligent and shrewd.

And since I'm here now in HK, all the candidates I'm interested in have other options. If I feel one of them is great, I'm pretty sure alot more other employers would feel the same thing. I'll have to end up hiring someone who didn't get any other offers or who miraculously chose to work with me instead of all the other employers. And with Nachos arriving in December, I don't have time to waste if I end up hiring a dud!

I've interviewed 3 so far and only 1 seems to be ok. That 1 candidate has already maxed out her 2 week grace period, so if I decided to hire her, I'll end up going back to my original plan of hiring direct from Manila. But at least with her I've already met her and checked out her cooking skills.

I've got 3 more I'd like to check out before I make a decision. I hope I get some good ones coming up so I have more choices in the pot.

This whole process sure is making me realize just how important it is to find the right helper for our family. One wrong choice and Hubby could decide life without one was just fine.

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