Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Happy Birthday To Me!

So today was my birthday. When Hubby asked me last night what I would like to do today, I asked him why? It was only then that I realized that it was my birthday the next day. Holy cow, I had to do the computation in my head again just to remind myself I've turned 34 this year. Waah! We had dim sum with some friends for lunch then Hubby brought home a Cova chocolate cake and we sang happy birthday, blew out the candles and ate the cake tonight. Yipee.

Some friends texted and others emailed their greeting. I always feel really touched when I recieve these simple greetings. Then I feel a sudden gush of guilt wondering if I remembered to greet them during their birthdays. I even got a greeting from my ex-friend. This is what she texted: Happy birthday! Even tho u never bothered 2 visit & see my son 4 whatever reason, still greeting u 4 old times' sake. Hope all is well... I know the old, or should I say one year younger me would feel pissed after reading this message, but I actually had a chuckle after I read it. Its so sad she still doesn't get it. From the text I can tell she is still keeping score. What for? I just texted back a simple: Tnx (her name) =)

Its also dawned on me that my chuckle meant I'm finally over the whole thing and also her. So this is what it's like when you wait to exhale. Naks! haha!

So happy birthday to me! I'll have to post about my trip to the US next.


ragamuffin girl said...

closure is a wonderful thing :)

hubby said...

So you're not going to make a blog entry yet about how the doctor thinks its going to be a girl this time round!! !

Bandit said...

Honey! She said she's not 100% sure!

hubby said...

well, she was telling Sammy that it was a "mei mei" so she must be reasonably sure.