Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Drama Again In The Playroom

It seemed to be another normal afternoon in the playroom yesterday when I suddenly saw a skinny white kid hit Boy Wonder. The kid then leaned toward Boy Wonder for some reason, but by then I had moved Boy Wonder away and attempted to grab Skinny Evil Kid. I asked him where his helper was and what her name is. He said her name is Girlie and that she's somewhere. I asked him to come with me so we could look for her and on our way, I calmly asked him if his helper and mom had told him it is bad to hit. He said yes. Then I asked him what is he suppose to say to Boy Wonder in which he looked at Boy Wonder and said sorry. We then reached Girlie who was looking after an infant as well. I told her what happened but was abit dissappointed as she didn't seem too disturbed at what Skinny Evil Kid had done. I told her he has already said sorry and told her to make sure she watches him more closely in the future. They then left immediately.

After I had calmed down abit and patted myself on the back for handling the situation so calmly, I played the whole incident in my mind again. A sudden wail of sirens went off in my head and I asked Boy Wonder to come to me as I checked out his shirt. I looked at the area in which Skinny Evil Kid had leaned towards, which was his back and saw teeth marks!!! Had they still been around the playroom, I definitely would not have been calm at that moment. I thank the lord Skinny Evil Kid did not reach any fleshy portion of Kid Wonder. If he did, Girlie would have had a really really bad afternoon.

I told Hubby about what happened that night and kept the teeth marks as the finale. He said had Skinny Evil Kid reached flesh, there would be hell to pay as he hunted down his parents. You go Hubby!

But seriously though, if I see Girlie with Skinny Evil Kid again today in the playroom, I will have to inform her of what else had happened.

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mayapapaya said...

hey, that could be the same skinny evil kid who was tormenting smaller children during boy wonder's birthday party. your friend (aaagh can't remember her name right now) told him off, but he was incredibly sassy and seemed to have a gang of little ruffians with him. seriously, that kid will grow up into a criminal.