Saturday, June 10, 2006

Sick of Feeling Sick

The last few weeks have been a battle to fight my all day sickness. There have been other more interesting things going on like guests visiting from Thailand and Australia, but all I've been able to do lately is place my hand on my mouth and wish I didn't feel like throwing up.

It's the strangest feeling when I know I'm hungry, yet the smell of food just makes me want to hurl. I ended up ordering KFC the other night and after wolfing down the first piece I regretted that move and felt green the rest of the evening. I've seriously lost weight and am starting to feel abit worried that Nachos isn't getting the nutrients needed to be developing at this stage. Let's see what my doctor has to say on Wednesday.

Let's hope this sick feeling goes away soon since we'll be going on a trip again soon.

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