Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Going South of the Border

I was feeling really lazy over the weekend. My mom was busy with her volunteer work and lazing around the house for 2 days gave me a headache. Last night my mom didn't come home for dinner, so I asked my dad if he was willing to have some Taco Bell with me. He said yes so off I went to Taco Bell.

The beauty of it all was that I was still in my sleep shirt when I drove off to acquire our dinner. Aren't drive throughs such wonderful things? All I had to worry about is what if something happened on my way there or back and I had to step out of the car? At least I was wearing shorts and a bra.

I ordered a Mexican Pizza with extra tomatoes and a soft taco for my dad. Boy Wonder had already eaten the congee my mom made for him earlier that day.

I'm going to miss drive throughs after going back to HK. I'm also going to miss Taco Bell and all the massive supermarkets here.

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Chris said...

Funny. I had forgotten for a moment that you were in the US so I was trying to figure out where in HK you were finding a Taco Bell. Silly me!