Friday, June 30, 2006

Tid Bits

I just gotta say, it always cracks me up when I see the Ford commercials on TV. Its so cool and strangely funny to see Taylor Hicks singing in an ad on TV! You sure don't see what happens to the Idols after the show is over in HK.

It was also our 4th wedding anniversary yesterday. Sadly Hubby and I had to spend it apart. But we'll definitely make up for it when Boy Wonder and I return next week. Hopefully we'll be able to find someone to babysit while Hubby and I have a rare romantic dinner with just the 2 of us. It'll be so great when we get a full-time helper!

Ok, gonna venture to Target now.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Going South of the Border

I was feeling really lazy over the weekend. My mom was busy with her volunteer work and lazing around the house for 2 days gave me a headache. Last night my mom didn't come home for dinner, so I asked my dad if he was willing to have some Taco Bell with me. He said yes so off I went to Taco Bell.

The beauty of it all was that I was still in my sleep shirt when I drove off to acquire our dinner. Aren't drive throughs such wonderful things? All I had to worry about is what if something happened on my way there or back and I had to step out of the car? At least I was wearing shorts and a bra.

I ordered a Mexican Pizza with extra tomatoes and a soft taco for my dad. Boy Wonder had already eaten the congee my mom made for him earlier that day.

I'm going to miss drive throughs after going back to HK. I'm also going to miss Taco Bell and all the massive supermarkets here.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Project: Surprise Visit

We landed in sunny California last Saturday. Hubby had the ingenious plan of coming here instead of Thailand and it worked out perfect. We decided to surprise my parents since it was such a last minute turn of events. It was also Father's Day weekend when we arrived, so it was a great gift for him.

I spoke to my mom 2 days before we left. She kept asking me when we'll be visiting them in the US so I tried to come up with all the vague answers I could make up. We left HK Saturday morning and arrived in California around the same time. Time warp!

My brother Min was in on the surprise since he had to pick us up and my older brother Kao drove up from LA as well. When we got to my parent's house, Min went in to ask my parents to help him move some stuff out of his car. And when they stepped into the garage, hubby, Boy Wonder and I stepped out from the back of the car with huge smiles on our faces. I have never seen my parents so pleasantly surprised before. Hubby is such a genious.

The trip over here wasn't so bad. Boy Wonder slept most of the way since he didn't seem like he was feeling well. My nausea seemed under control thanks to the Seabands Pam lent me. We were just exhausted when we finally reached our destination.

I've been loving my mom's cooking and being looked after again like a little girl. My morning sickness seems to have died down, although my dizzy spells are still lingering. The weather has been super hot so all the semi-cold weather clothes are wasting space in my luggage. Good thing hubby is leaving a week early so he can lug back most of my unwanted stuff which leaves more room for shopping for me.

We went big time shopping today at the Gap and Old Navy outlets since my brother's sister in law was able to get us discounts. Hubby said he had never bought this many clothes in one go before in his life. He actually got more stuff than me and Boy Wonder combined! I better do some catching up after he leaves this weekend. Hehe.

But most of all its been great spending time with the whole family. Its great seeing Boy Wonder interact with his grandparents and uncles. And its been great seeing hubby spend even more quality time with his son. So other than the extremely hot weather with no airconditioning at home, it been a great trip so far. I'm already wishing we could stay longer.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Sick of Feeling Sick

The last few weeks have been a battle to fight my all day sickness. There have been other more interesting things going on like guests visiting from Thailand and Australia, but all I've been able to do lately is place my hand on my mouth and wish I didn't feel like throwing up.

It's the strangest feeling when I know I'm hungry, yet the smell of food just makes me want to hurl. I ended up ordering KFC the other night and after wolfing down the first piece I regretted that move and felt green the rest of the evening. I've seriously lost weight and am starting to feel abit worried that Nachos isn't getting the nutrients needed to be developing at this stage. Let's see what my doctor has to say on Wednesday.

Let's hope this sick feeling goes away soon since we'll be going on a trip again soon.