Monday, May 22, 2006

We Have Made Contact!

And so there I was for 2 weeks, cut off from the world... but now I'm back again! In a very impulsive and financially gutsy move, we have moved from shitsville to opulence. And it all happened within the span of one week.

After I got back from Australia on a Saturday evening, hubby and I dragged Boy Wonder to check out some apartments the following day. We only intended to check them out since hubby had already done so the day before and wanted me to share in his excitement on how great the whole place was. We picked a realtor and after seeing all the units and facilities, I agreed with hubby and actually felt the whole place was too good for us. After coming home that day, we got a call from the realtor asking us to meet with a landlord. Hubby went and the next thing I knew, we had already signed a provisionary lease and paid a reservation fee. From then on there was no turning back. We gave our one month notice and was out of shitsville by the following Saturday.

And thus I had been disconnected from the internet world until now! Man, it was good to see the Now broadband guy. I even offered him a nice tall glass of ice water. Hmm... wonder why I haven't been nice enough in the past to offer any of these service guys something to drink? Anyways, so now I'm up and running again! Yipee!

I'm also glad I won't be missing the finale of American Idol! Thanks to Rickey's blog I was able to watch what I had missed this week. Condolences to all the Elliot followers. He will be missed.

So now amid all the unpacked boxes, toys, clothes, shoes and laundry covering majority of our new apartment, I look forward to a new life living in a swanky estate. I'll definitely have to invite the Thursday group over after we've organized everything.

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ragamuffin girl said...

Welcome to Planet earth, alien being who was absent from the net for so long! :)