Thursday, May 04, 2006

'Round the Conah

Boy Wonder is soaking in tons of new words daily. Some we still need to decipher, but mostly are understandable and in an Aussi accent. I'm finding it real cute and glad that it's not my messed up Tagalog/US/Chinese accent.

So far he says these words:

fahty bum - farty bum
round d conah - around the corner
pe-ah - pear
nu-ine - nine
fo - four
cah- car

I'm sure there's more, but can't think of any at the moment.

Now I'm hoping he'll start picking up more Chinese words when we get back to HK. So far he only says:

lai - come
hai yao - want more
bi - pen
hwa hwa - draw

I sure hope there's more than that!


Pam said...

isn't it great how fast their vocabulary grows at this age. Katrina seems to be getting more and more talkative too especially since she started school.

So when are you coming back to HK, girl? We miss you and I want to see you before we leave for Europe.

Bandit said...

arriving Saturday evening. Let's plan something na so we can all meet up before you go.

Chris said...

Okay, why exactly does Sam need to say "farty bum"? Is this your way of preparing him for my visit?