Friday, May 26, 2006

Like A Fish To Water

Boy Wonder just left with his dad to go swimming. Before he went down the lift he said bye mama. My heart just melted. He's been spitting out hundreds of new words lately and has started stringing short sentences together like green e-foo (clothes) wet. He's even said a few words I didn't know he knew. He identified a giraffe and zebra and I didn't even remember teaching him that. Although he's basically speaking Ching-glish, at least he can talk now.

He's also been a crazy man at the pool. He only started swimming this week and already he's got no fear. We got him these floaters to put on his arms and that's all he needs apparently. Yesterday I went to the pool with father and son and witness as my 2 year old, barely a kid, pseudo-baby, go sliding down the water slide, without dad... backwards! I was shocked and wondered what he'll do after he floated up top. All I saw next was a face breaming with a smile and asking his dad hai yao (i want more). Crazy kid! He's also started jumping into the water and doesn't want his baba to keep holding on to him while they're in the water. All I know at this point is that I sure ain't taking him to the pool by myself anytime soon. I'm going to leave swimming time as a father-son thing.

So as the wonders of Boy Wonder multiplies each day, I find myself more and more in-love with him. Which then makes me wonder, with all this love pouring out already, will I have enough when Nachos comes along? I've always wondered how parents divide their love to all their kids. Its like after you have the first kid you tell yourself you can't possibly love any other as much as you love this one. So I'm really looking forward to having Nachos and see where I'll squeeze more love out for him or her.

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