Wednesday, May 31, 2006

I Will Judge

I took Boy Wonder to the playroom this morning and there were only a few kids there. There was this mainlander with her maybe one and a half year old. While Boy Wonder was at the entrance of the ball pit, he accidentally fell in and hit the head of the other boy. Immidiately they both started crying and the mainlander mom or caretaker, got really upset and started commenting on what kind of kid is this blah blah blah. I grabbed Boy Wonder so he would stop crying and told him to say sorry to the other kid. The other mom didn't acknowledge us and just walked away.

A few minutes later, there was another boy pushing a toy car around the room. He suddenly hit the seat which that first boy was also pushing around. No one was hurt, none of the kids looked like they were frightened or anything, but that mom again started blabbering in Chinese on who's kid is this, what does he think he's doing, why is no one watching him, blah blah blah. The helper who was watching the boy quickly grabbed him and walked away. I got really upset after this incident because it seems to be a pattern now with this mainlander.

Probably a full 5 minutes later, that mainlander mom/caretaker was still at it, making audible side comments about that other kid. There was this other mainlander there that told her the helpers don't understand what she's saying anyways and that she should stop. She kept at it and when Boy Wonder wondered abit too close to that first boy, I made sure I was close this time in case she goes nutty if Boy Wonder happens to touch him accidentally. When I got close she was still making comments! I couldn't stand it anymore and told her to calm down and not get so excited. I said kids will always fall or trip or get hit. You can't always be right there to make sure nothing happens to them. If you over protect them, what will happen when they get older? She then said there are psychological effects that will happen to her kid if he gets hit or bumped. I actually chuckled and said it was a toy car, made of plastic. It barely touched her kid. If she is this over protective her kid won't be able to watch over himself when he gets older. Then I walked away.

Maybe 30 minutes later what seemed to be that boy's real parents showed up. Turns out the mainlander was only the caretaker. But it just bugged me again because the first thing the mother said when she saw her kid crawling around the floor was oh no, isn't the floor too rough for him to be crawling on? I just shook my head and told myself I can't stand parents like that. I know I shouldn't judge, but darn it, I will judge this time.

There are now a bunch of these parents bringing up a whole generation of over-weight, over protected spoiled brats. Kids who will never be able to fend for themselves as adults. Adults who will never know the importance of independence. Adults who think they have the right to everything. Adults who will further spawn screwed up kids just like them.

I know all that I said to that mainlander was a waste of my saliva and energy. The caretaker was probably just watching out for her own interest since she didn't want to get in trouble with her employer. All I can do for now is to make sure Boy Wonder and Nachos grow up to be well mannered, independent and well adjusted kids. Although I'm tempted not to, I know I also need to warn them about these screwed up kids/adults they'll meet in the future. I'd like to explain to them that we have to be open-minded and understand they're not to blame for what they've become. Blame it on the parents.

Gosh, I wonder what my kids will be blaming me for when they grow up!

Friday, May 26, 2006

Like A Fish To Water

Boy Wonder just left with his dad to go swimming. Before he went down the lift he said bye mama. My heart just melted. He's been spitting out hundreds of new words lately and has started stringing short sentences together like green e-foo (clothes) wet. He's even said a few words I didn't know he knew. He identified a giraffe and zebra and I didn't even remember teaching him that. Although he's basically speaking Ching-glish, at least he can talk now.

He's also been a crazy man at the pool. He only started swimming this week and already he's got no fear. We got him these floaters to put on his arms and that's all he needs apparently. Yesterday I went to the pool with father and son and witness as my 2 year old, barely a kid, pseudo-baby, go sliding down the water slide, without dad... backwards! I was shocked and wondered what he'll do after he floated up top. All I saw next was a face breaming with a smile and asking his dad hai yao (i want more). Crazy kid! He's also started jumping into the water and doesn't want his baba to keep holding on to him while they're in the water. All I know at this point is that I sure ain't taking him to the pool by myself anytime soon. I'm going to leave swimming time as a father-son thing.

So as the wonders of Boy Wonder multiplies each day, I find myself more and more in-love with him. Which then makes me wonder, with all this love pouring out already, will I have enough when Nachos comes along? I've always wondered how parents divide their love to all their kids. Its like after you have the first kid you tell yourself you can't possibly love any other as much as you love this one. So I'm really looking forward to having Nachos and see where I'll squeeze more love out for him or her.

Monday, May 22, 2006

We Have Made Contact!

And so there I was for 2 weeks, cut off from the world... but now I'm back again! In a very impulsive and financially gutsy move, we have moved from shitsville to opulence. And it all happened within the span of one week.

After I got back from Australia on a Saturday evening, hubby and I dragged Boy Wonder to check out some apartments the following day. We only intended to check them out since hubby had already done so the day before and wanted me to share in his excitement on how great the whole place was. We picked a realtor and after seeing all the units and facilities, I agreed with hubby and actually felt the whole place was too good for us. After coming home that day, we got a call from the realtor asking us to meet with a landlord. Hubby went and the next thing I knew, we had already signed a provisionary lease and paid a reservation fee. From then on there was no turning back. We gave our one month notice and was out of shitsville by the following Saturday.

And thus I had been disconnected from the internet world until now! Man, it was good to see the Now broadband guy. I even offered him a nice tall glass of ice water. Hmm... wonder why I haven't been nice enough in the past to offer any of these service guys something to drink? Anyways, so now I'm up and running again! Yipee!

I'm also glad I won't be missing the finale of American Idol! Thanks to Rickey's blog I was able to watch what I had missed this week. Condolences to all the Elliot followers. He will be missed.

So now amid all the unpacked boxes, toys, clothes, shoes and laundry covering majority of our new apartment, I look forward to a new life living in a swanky estate. I'll definitely have to invite the Thursday group over after we've organized everything.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

'Round the Conah

Boy Wonder is soaking in tons of new words daily. Some we still need to decipher, but mostly are understandable and in an Aussi accent. I'm finding it real cute and glad that it's not my messed up Tagalog/US/Chinese accent.

So far he says these words:

fahty bum - farty bum
round d conah - around the corner
pe-ah - pear
nu-ine - nine
fo - four
cah- car

I'm sure there's more, but can't think of any at the moment.

Now I'm hoping he'll start picking up more Chinese words when we get back to HK. So far he only says:

lai - come
hai yao - want more
bi - pen
hwa hwa - draw

I sure hope there's more than that!